The Corner of King and Queen

This Sunday July 7 will be my first day in my new tarot office at 22 King St Newtown, on the corner of King and Queen Streets. My space is upstairs at Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, which is still in the process of being set-up (once it is open – oh my goodness! Such amazing … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ October © 2011 Sarah Barry

The Death card stands before us, beckoning a way forward that will surely allow us to let go of the fetters of everyday life. “Walk with me and allow your lives to become spacious and free” it says with a knowing smile. Keep in mind; the Death Tarot card is not necessarily talking about actual death, just … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ August © 2011 Sarah Barry

Dearest Tarot-Reading-for-the-Collective-Enthusiasts and Googled-Tarot-And-This-Is-What-I-Got-First-Time-Explorers: Welcome to an Augusturian adventure that takes us from The Sun to the Knight of Pentacles with a smattering of Wands, a Sword and a Pentacle in between (not a Cup in sight). Slipping away from The Sun towards the King of Wands may have seemed like a bold plan when … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ July © 2011 Sarah Barry

Judgment has spoken: Theoretical understanding is no longer of primary importance. Rather, it is our intentions and actions that need our utmost attention. Judgment (referred to as ‘Aeon’ in this deck) wants to make sure that before it lets us go we have understood the importance of keeping our intentions pure and transparent. We have to know how … Continue reading

Tarot Readings @ beautiful function this weekend…

On Friday I did tarot readings at an evening function. Me and the other tarot reader were provided with a beautiful tent, that really helped when the rain came down! A wonderful evening all ’round 🙂 To find out more about Sarah Barry and how she works, go to ‘About’ and/or  ‘How Psychic Sarah Works’ Click here to … Continue reading