I’m off to Uluru for 5 days!

If you missed the news in my latest Tarot Newsletter – I am off to Uluru for 5 days, as of Thursday June 25! I’ll be back to work for my usual hours on Tuesday June 30. ‘Til soon, Sarah 🙂

Tarot Newsletter: Tutu Week & The Eight of Cups

My Tarot Newsletter for June is now live. This month sees the long awaited Eight of Cups come into our midst with some tips on how to let go. And then there is my tutu collection. Read on and enjoy! 🙂 bit.ly/TNJun15

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ June 2015

When June 1 rolled around I decided I was in a ‘Majors only’ mood. By that I mean that it’s time to energise things with a Tarot Reading for the Collective featuring solely the Major Arcana. We could all do with a bit of enthusiastic or even forceful encouragement, yes? Surely it’s not just me? … Continue reading