Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ June 2015

When June 1 rolled around I decided I was in a ‘Majors only’ mood. By that I mean that it’s time to energise things with a Tarot Reading for the Collective featuring solely the Major Arcana. We could all do with a bit of enthusiastic or even forceful encouragement, yes? Surely it’s not just me? And I just happen to have a ‘Majors only’ deck on hand, called Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi. I find this deck rather amusing and at times a little silly. So here we hopefully have, a Tarot Reading for the Collective that packs a punch, is amusing and silly with a touch of dementedness and a whole lot of hooray.

First we meet with The Hanged Man. Always a good place to start when we are looking for a ‘hooray’, right? Or maybe not. But he’s not dead, is he? He’s just hangin’ around, upside down. Hello Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

Greetings humans. What a day I’ve had, what things I have seen! I decided to hang upside down this morning for some inner perspective, but I hadn’t counted on my mind being so chattery. What wild and deluded stories I have created – I got rather carried away and I am quite perplexed by it all! And, now, I think this tree might be trying to lick me: I may be hallucinating. How is the Collective?

Oh, you know, no doubt we are with you on the delusion scale. We are not used to seeing you like this though Hanged Man – in other decks you mostly appear all peaced-out.

Well, each tarot artist to their own I guess. Surely I can still be helpful in this guise.

Of course! You are reminding us that we are not alone with our talkative, run-away minds, we’ve all got that problem! And, you’re wearing such a great outfit.

Yes, there is that. Now venture forth to The World, Collective. I need to try and swing away from the tongue of this tree!

The World - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

The World! Yes, that’s me. Fancy a spot of freaky dancing? Do you like the four friends I have gathered around me? Do you want to speak with them?

Ah, World. First of all, yes to the freaky dancing, but after the reading has finished. And whilst your friends do appear interesting – if not somewhat deranged – we’ll just talk with you now in the interest of saving time.

Very well, though you know that my four friends will now visit you in your dreams, right? Haha. They are fun in dreamspace, so don’t worry. I guess you’re wanting me to say something halfway insightful to help jolly you all along?

That’s why we’ve called you in, World.

Okay. Well, you can expect to find me when you’re ready to embrace all of your weird, wonderful and marvelous ways. And of course you must share those ways, so that we all can benefit. Or, alternatively, perhaps so we can be triggered by your power and respond with negativity. But hey! If you are walking on your path, Collective, you are doing your job. And one day hopefully those doledrum dancers will start to shake in a more loving way and remember to start flushing their own toilets. Above all though my Collective, do freaky dancing! With verve!

Okay! Thank you for the pep talk, World. And now I see The Lover is waiting for us. Hello, Lover. What can we expect from your time with us this month?

The Lover - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

On the one hand, you can expect perhaps a little confusion as you try to get into alignment with your path. As you get closer to your true purpose, you might feel all kinds of things – flashes of this and that – and you might get frustrated by time and you may get distracted by things that are NOT for the present moment.

Be present! And allow me to help you bring your mind, body and spirit together. If you bring all of yourself to any situation you’re bound to be less confused and more accepting of what works.

And I will remind you that love comes into your lives in so many ways. So many delightful expressions of pure, naturally joyful love.

Strength - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

Hello Strength. Thanks for the reminder about how beautiful and diverse the expressions of love can be.

Yes! And see how the Lion and I are enjoying our wacky, tickly, love-in session? What seems scary in ourselves or others doesn’t have to be that way. There is always room to embrace that which we have been taught to fear or misunderstand or forget. Don’t dismiss how wonderful it is to play with ALL aspects of your personality. Mix it up, keep it interesting, be loving to as many people as you can! If you’re strong with that love you cannot be harmed.

And then come for a ride with me and I’ll take you to this awesome dance party in another dimension right over there.

The Chariot - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

Oh hi, Chariot. Can we just talk with you here first before we go?

Sure! My goodness, I’m feeling freaky. Like all my molecules are exploding with glitterjuice and applesauce! How good I feel! Dance your war dance, Collective, and stop listening to the boring old codgers who have forgotten how to think, grow and evolve! Ride the Chariot when you ride to the revolution. And remember kids, being odd, unique or different isn’t anything to be scared of. Being bland, beige and sheep-like is scary. Frightening! Horrifying! Back away!

Woah! Thanks Chariot. Err, tally ho, and see you later at the dance party.

Woo hoo!

Now come over here and hang out with me, Collective, I think you all need a bit of calm time.

The Star - Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi

Hello Star. How nice of you to come. You were last month’s Card of the Month, and you are still here!

Yes, I thought I should hang around for a bit longer. A bit of healing never went astray, right? And I think you’ve still got some debriefing to do, right? You wanna chat? Come and chat with me about all that has unfolded of late – the amazing stuff, the frightening stuff, the mysterious stuff. Star’s always up for a midnight banter over a cuppa. So keep an eye out for the Star-like people – those who are willing to listen with an open heart.

Don’t bombard those who don’t want to listen, that won’t help you or them. Seek out those who feel as drawn to you as you do to them, and create beautiful, healing stories together. Maybe I’ll see you next month, maybe not, but however it rolls, make sure you gaze up at the night sky as often as you can and be kind to those who are sharing your path. You all need a bit more loving kindness, and I’ll do my best to help you figure out how to invite that in. Til soon. xx

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2015

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with Tarot 22 (Hontu no Jibun o Shiru Uranai) by Toshiko Tuchihashi.

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