Away meditating until January 24, 2020

I’m away on my annual Vipassana Meditation course at Dhamma Bhumi, Blackheath, from January 13-24, 2020. I will have no phone or email contact during this time. If you wish to book in to see me upon my return, I will start responding to messages from January 25 onwards. Best wishes, Sarah

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ January 2020: Gaian Tarot

Dear Collective, It’s a new year, and community and resilience is on my mind. In the last Tarot Reading for the Collective for 2019, I wrote that I was thinking of those living on burning lands as I was writing, but that my hope was that anyone could resonate, no matter where they lived. Now, … Continue reading

[Newsletter] Softly Working with The Moon to Farewell 2019

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The Moon as the Card of the Month. To allow the softness of The Moon to quieten your senses, go to 🌓❤️✨  

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ December 2019: Minoan Tarot

Dear Collective, From where I sit on Gadigal land, the sky has been orange for days, the sun magenta, the moon blood red, and the smoke has been all pervasive. While ecosystems burn and wildlife and humans die, I was wondering what tarot deck could possibly be up to the daunting task of a collective … Continue reading

[Tarot Newsletter] Choosing your Pace with The Chariot 💫

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The Chariot as the Card of the Month. Find the pace that will suit you as we approach the end of the year, and use it to your advantage! Check it out at 🌟  

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November 2019: Slow Holler Tarot

Dear Collective, I was wondering which deck to use for this month’s reading, and I just couldn’t decide. I  have no shortage of excellent tarot decks, so it wasn’t from lack of choice. But every day I noticed that I was packing, unpacking and repacking the Slow Holler Tarot Deck into my bag “just in … Continue reading

[Tarot Newsletter] Scintillating Success with the Six of Wands; Last Tarot Classes for the Year & Chai news!

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring the Six of Wands as Card of the Month. To learn how to wisely acknowledge and enjoy moments of success go to 🌟

Tarot Reading for the Collective: October 2019: The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

Dear Collective, This month I am using a delightfully quirky tarot deck, The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot by Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov. Based on the work of Victorian artist J.J. Grandville, the images reflect those of the traditional Waite-Smith Deck but with their own twist. The questions for this month are: What do we need to … Continue reading

[Tarot Newsletter] Purposeful Persistence with the Ten of Wands

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, featuring the Ten of Wands as the Card of the Month. For ideas on how to keep going despite the burden, go to

Mass Collective Tarot Reading at the Sydney Opera House

Over a decade ago, I started writing a regular Tarot Reading for the Collective as a monthly blog post. At that time it would never have occurred to me that one day I would be invited to perform a mass Tarot Reading for the Collective live at the Sydney Opera House! But that’s exactly what … Continue reading