What is the Tarot?

The origin of the tarot is not precisely known: Tarot historian Paul Huson has tracked the origin of the minor arcana to ancient Persia, and the major arcana to medieval mystery, miracle and morality plays.

The tarot was introduced to the wider world during the Renaissance. Early documentation shows that the cards were being used for divination in Bologna, Italy circa 1750.

Made up of 78 cards, the tarot deck is full of vivid imagery of archetypes that represent different aspects of the human psyche. Having a tarot reading done by a psychic allows the information to be more personalised – going well beyond just having a description of the cards. The cards however, being as ancient and enigmatic as they are, always have their own story to tell…

Every psychic works differently: to find out how I work during a tarot reading go to my About Psychic Sarah and How She Works page.

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2 Responses to “What is the Tarot?”
  1. Great pic! What tarot is this? I loved the glasswork style.

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