Tarot Newsletter: In Which We Visit a Spotted Gum, Drink Some Stimulating Chai & Meet the 3 of Pentacles

My February newsletter has arrived, featuring a Spotted Gum (the largest in NSW no less), a review of Psychic Sarah’s Queen of Cups Chai, and how to dance with the sometimes complicated ways of the 3 of Pentacles. Read on, and enjoy. http://bit.ly/1bVINRG

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ February © 2014 Sarah Barry

This Tarot Reading for the Collective is brought to you by TWO tarot decks. I was going to just use a quirky deck I have called Tarot 22 by Toshiko Tuchihashi, which is made up of only the Major Arcana (22 cards). Then I thought I could use the Minor Arcana from another quirky (in … Continue reading