I’m in the USA until May 19, 2016!

I will be in the USA from April 25 – May 19, to attend the Readers Studio – a huge International Tarot Readers’ Conference in NYC. During this time, whilst I will have sporadic access to email, I won’t be responding to booking requests until Friday May 20. I will be using a different SIM … Continue reading

[Tarot Newsletter] Getting on a plane and the importance of Justice

My latest Tarot Newsletter is in the ether! If you’re on my email list, it should be in your inbox. For the rest of you, go here. Read on to find out where I’ll be flying to on April 25, and to read about the important ways of the Justice card. bit.ly/TNApr16

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~April 2016

Dear Readers, this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective is brought to you by The Collective Tarot by the Tarot Collective. I am amused every time I write that sentence, and I have written it a few times now on this blog. This is a tarot deck created by a collective of artists from Portland, … Continue reading