Policy and Ethics

Things to Know Before Booking in for a Tarot Reading with Psychic Sarah:

You are welcome to come for a reading regardless of your age, race, religion, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, type of employment, socio-economic background, body shape, size or ability. I do not discriminate, and appreciate the same from you.

Your reading is confidential. The only exception to this, is if it becomes clear that you may cause harm to yourself or another.

What I describe during a reading is my perception of your life, and I do this with integrity and respect. My role is to illuminate pathways that you may not be able to see for yourself just yet. How you walk those paths is up to you: You have the opportunity to work towards meeting with the pathways I describe, or avoiding them, as you wish. You create your own future, in every moment, with every decision you make.

My abilities lie in connecting with you, with where you are at right now and encouraging you to stay connected with potential situations unfolding around you. I am not a finder of lost items, a predictor of death, nor am I a medium. I am here to connect with YOU, not others in your life, dead or alive.

I know that the question “what are the winning lotto numbers?” is often said in jest, but seriously, I do believe there are far more interesting situations to explore in life than gambling, and far more realistic strategies to get you out of financial difficulty than the lottery.

I do not do ‘medical’ readings. General queries about mental and physical health are fine (and I am certainly not infallible in regards to this, or anything else for that matter!), but I do not diagnose illnesses – I believe that would be incredibly unethical on my behalf. Please see a medical professional if you are concerned about your health.

I prefer not to work with questions that imply wrongdoing in another, for example, “Is my partner cheating on me?”, or “What is my partner hiding from me?”. These kinds of questions tend to promote negativity, and I believe there are more constructive and empowering ways to look at your life. For example, for the above queries, a possible question could instead be, “How can I rebuild trust in my relationship?”.

I love doing readings that clarify and empower, rather than tighten and restrict. I’m not going to describe the details of what a future partner will look like, exactly where you’ll meet them or the date of the wedding! I’m not going to tell you exactly what to do with your life.

I WILL encourage you to trust your instincts, to get to know your personal flow and to look for vaster possibilities in life. I don’t want to restrict you by handing you a script to follow: I want you to learn to trust yourself to read the signs in life.

My hope is that my reading for you is a catalyst for transformation; a safe space to share deep realisations, and a place that you can remember in your heart as you continue on your own powerful journey.

Please note, if you are someone who is easily offended by swearing, it is not impossible that from time to time, the occasional swear word might crop up as the most straightforward way of conveying a message during your reading.

You can find out more about how I work at my About Psychic Sarah & How She Works page as well as my FAQ page.

I do not encourage you to see psychics/tarot readers/astrologers more than once a month. Ideally at least 2 months go by before another reading. If you are wanting to see me on a regular basis, I will let you know that it could be better for you to work on things in a different way for a while (i.e counselling/psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, chatting to a friend, etc).

Out of respect for your time, as well as mine and that of my next client, the reading will finish at the scheduled time. I will let you know when your tarot reading is approaching its end, so that you have plenty of time to ask any final questions. When I have let you know that we have come to time, that means no more questions can be answered. After the time is up, please be mindful that asking for “just one more question”, will result in a polite but firm refusal. As this may offend, please ask any burning questions before the reading is over. I take boundaries very seriously, for my own protection and also for yours.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Cancellations and no-shows: Booking a tarot reading with me is your commitment that you will show up. I am a sole trader, with no salary, which means I only get paid when you turn up for your reading. Not turning up or last minute changes directly impacts my income.

If you are late, your reading will simply be shorter, so as to not keep my next client waiting. You will be charged the same price as originally agreed upon. If you are running late and fail to let me know, I will contact you around the 10 minute mark to see if you are still coming. If I don’t hear back from you promptly I will no longer be available to see you, as I will be contacting someone on my waitlist or attending to other business. If you are running late, you must let me know asap so I can hold your spot for you. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for a 30 minute reading, or more than 15 minutes late for a 45 minute or 60 minute reading, I will not be available to see you, and to reschedule you will need to pay in advance, along with the cancellation fee.

Please note, that if you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment, there will be a 100% cancellation fee. Giving more than 24 hours notice allows me the time to contact someone on my waiting list. If someone from my waiting list is available to take your spot, then you will not be charged.

If you do a no-show, please be aware that there will be a 100% cancellation fee, and a deep unwillingness on my part to book you in ever again! If you want to schedule another reading you will have to pay your nonrefundable payment in advance. (IF I decide to book you in again).

If you don’t turn up I am unable to make my time available for another willing client, so your actions directly impact others, as well as my own time and income. You will receive a courtesy appointment reminder the day before your reading, however it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your appointment time.

Please don’t come to the reading drunk. You may think that one or two drinks doesn’t make much of a difference, but believe me, it is very obvious and it makes a huge difference. If you are nervous about your reading, I suggest you find other ways of relaxing. If you arrive drunk or under the influence of drugs, I will cancel your reading. You will still be required to pay for the reading, as your arrival in that state will be seen as a ‘no-show’.

If you are having a reading in your own home via phone or video chat, I still request that you don’t drink alcohol during the reading (or just before!) as I believe you will be able to take in more information and have a more beneficial experience if you are sober throughout.

[Please note, if you have hired my services for an event, I understand that people will often be drinking and when I am doing mini readings in a party venue I am fine with that. The above policy is for tarot readings in my private tarot room, where it is very important to me to maintain a sacred and safe space.]

If you would like to bring someone with you, you must ask me if this is okay, as soon as you book your appointment.

It is important to keep in mind that tarot readings can be very personal, and themes may be covered that you haven’t spoken about with anyone before.

So if you do want someone there, please make sure it’s someone you feel very comfortable about bearing witness to your personal story in a therapeutic environment. If you make that decision to have someone there, I will not censor myself, so if there is anything I say that is surprising to the witness, you will need to take responsibility for that yourself.

Most people prefer to come by themselves as it is ‘their’ time. Please think carefully about what the need for company might be about. Maybe you genuinely want company for reasons of translation or just sharing.

Nervousness before the reading begins, is common and not necessarily alleviated by the company of a friend. Once the reading begins though, most people relax and start to enjoy the experience of having someone discuss their personal life circumstances in a focussed and caring way. Whatever you decide, please let me know so that I can prepare. I am able to read with others in the room but I like to know first. If you decide that you do want company, only one other person may be in the room with you. There is a seating area outside my office for people to wait for you.

Anyone who accompanies you, must agree to sit there quietly and non-intrusively, ideally not playing with their phone. If they are going to be there they must be there to listen, not distract themselves. If they’re not paying attention it is better that they wait outside. 🙂

[COVID-19 update: for now, I am not allowing anyone else in the room besides the person receiving the reading. Thank you for your understanding!]

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