Monthly Tarot Newsletter ~ September 2011

I posted my Monthly Tarot Newsletter for September into the ether last night… you can view it here. Every month there is a particular tarot card that turns up in pretty much every reading, so I do a mini reading about that particular card. I include a photo of the card from my own collection, … Continue reading

More decorations for my pushbike… again…

Here are the latest photos of my pushbike. As you can see there are still lots of flowers like last photo shoot (see More Decorations For My Trusty Tarot Bike for ‘before’shots!)… just more flowers! Reverse Garbage  – a brilliant not-for-profit co-operative that sells industrial discards to the public for creative and practical reuse currently has … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ September © 2011 Sarah Barry

There was a small scuffle as we entered the month of September (the good ol’ 5 of Wands is always ready for some shenanigans), because we had forgotten that there were more important things to do. What could possibly be more important than throwing around our highly enlightening opinions? Surely people need to be reminded … Continue reading