A Tarot Reading for The Missing Five (and the Rescued Two)

For those of you who aren’t aware, last Monday my sparkly, flower-laden Tarot Divination Bicycle was vandalised and five of the tarot cards attached to my spokes were stolen! While my bike and I are quite safe and we all should have nothing but compassion for he who did the deed, it was a rather … Continue reading

The Odious Desecration of the Divination Bicycle and The Missing Five!

Interesting things can happen when one rides a colourful, flower-covered, glittery bicycle with tarot cards in the spokes. It gets photographed a lot, adults with small humans find themselves crouching down beside their little ones to point out its various wonders, it sometimes receives gifts (of both the lovely and not-so-lovely kind… mostly lovely!), and … Continue reading

In which my Tarot Bicycle is hijacked for a cause to which I do not subscribe

All sorts of things happen to my flowery tarot bicycle while I leave it chained to random poles around Sydney. Sometimes I hear people ringing my bike bells as I sit in my nearby tarot office, or I walk past my bike on my lunch break to see people posing with it for Instagram photos, … Continue reading

Divination Bicycle!

For those who enjoy my flowery, glittery, tarot bicycle, it has a new addition to the wheels! For the first time, instead of laminated photocopies of tarot cards around the wheel, I have an actual tarot deck spinning around – The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris. So now my bicycle is a Divination Bicycle! I … Continue reading

Tarot Bicycle Facelift of Fabulousness

My trusty tarot bike has just undergone yet another face-lift, in its lifetime of never-ending facelifts 🙂 While there are always more faux flowers and mirror balls to attach, and solar-powered fairy lights and bubble makers to source (I’m currently in the market for a small motorised bubble maker to attach to the right side … Continue reading

Another day, another photo of my tarot bike…

Every now and then I like to do an image search with ‘tarot bike’ to see how many undercover shots have been taken of my pushbike (who can just walk past glitter and flowers when they have a camera in hand?!). This time I came across a blog by two friends who share virtual postcards … Continue reading

More Decorations For My Trusty Tarot Bike

I made some decorative additions to my tarot bicycle last Sunday. When I first got this pushbike a few years ago I thought I’d decorate it with an elegant aesthetic. My understanding of that was to cover it in chunky silver glitter, add laminated colour photocopies of tarot cards to the spokes, and have only … Continue reading