More Decorations For My Trusty Tarot Bike

I made some decorative additions to my tarot bicycle last Sunday. When I first got this pushbike a few years ago I thought I’d decorate it with an elegant aesthetic. My understanding of that was to cover it in chunky silver glitter, add laminated colour photocopies of tarot cards to the spokes, and have only a few silver and blue fake flowers on the baskets. Plus the advertising signs.

Before too long, the flowers had expanded in volume and colour and solar-powered fairy lights appeared.

Last weekend, I attached two red tin hearts to the baskets and two mirror balls to the front basket:

… and today I just bought some more mirror balls. I thought they’d look good on the back basket. It is getting harder and harder to stop decorating :-D.

Originally the tarot cards in the spokes were from the Rider Waite deck, painted by Pamela Colman Smith. Last year I swapped them for cards from ‘Navigators Tarot Of The Mystic Sea’ by Julia Turk.

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