Tarot Tattoo Project

8 down… 70 to go!!

All tattoos by Megan Oliver at Little Tokyo, Sydney.


The Ace of Cups Tarot Card, 2017, based upon image from Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place, Tattoo by Megan Oliver www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos

Psychic Sarah's Devil Tarot Tattoo

The Devil Tarot Card a.k.a ‘BeelzeBarry’ a.k.a ‘The devil sneaked into the world in the form of a fly’. Sigil designed for me by Barry William Hale, Tattoo by Megan Oliver, 2014. www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_/  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos


The Empress & The Emperor, 2011 (Outline only - in progress...), Tattoo by Megan Oliver

The Empress & The Emperor, 2011 (Outline only – in progress…), Tattoo by Megan Oliver  www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos 




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