Tarot Tattoo Project

8 down… 70 to go!!

All tattoos by Megan Oliver.


The Ace of Cups Tarot Card, 2017, based upon image from Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place, Tattoo by Megan Oliver www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos

Psychic Sarah's Devil Tarot Tattoo

The Devil Tarot Card a.k.a ‘BeelzeBarry’ a.k.a ‘The devil sneaked into the world in the form of a fly’. Sigil designed for me by Barry William Hale, Tattoo by Megan Oliver, 2014. www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_/  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos


The Empress & The Emperor, 2011 (Outline only - in progress...), Tattoo by Megan Oliver

The Empress & The Emperor, 2011 (Outline only – in progress…), Tattoo by Megan Oliver  www.instagram.com/_megan_oliver_  www.facebook.com/meganolivertattoos 




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