Tarot Bicycle Facelift of Fabulousness

My trusty tarot bike has just undergone yet another face-lift, in its lifetime of never-ending facelifts 🙂

While there are always more faux flowers and mirror balls to attach, and solar-powered fairy lights and bubble makers to source (I’m currently in the market for a small motorised bubble maker to attach to the right side of the back basket. Any leads dear readers?) I decided it was time to get new signs made for my faithful steed.

Before this current incarnation, my bike had just a side sign, as I smashed the back sign some years ago (a mindless moment with a gate. There were no injuries to my person).

Steve Smith, an artist and sign writer painted my new signs. I love them! And they are made of wood instead of perspex so hopefully it will be harder for me to smash them in mindless moments. Here’s to mindful moments with fabulous bike signs and decorations! 🙂

Psychic Sarah's Tarot Bicycle new signs back.jpg

Psychic Sarah Tarot Bicycle new signs side.jpgPsychic Sarah Tarot Bicycle new signs side detail.jpg


Over the years my tarot bicycle has undergone many transformations (of a similarly flowery, glittery and mirror-bally kind). If you wish to view it’s changing appearance over the years, here are some of the previous updates:



I also post pictures on my facebook page from time-to-time that may not get a showing here. One such photographic documentation can be seen here.

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