Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November © 2012 Sarah Barry

Dear Collective,

I’m going to try and step out of the way of this reading and just let the cards introduce themselves and speak to each other without having a middleman. That way the cards can show more of their personalities and there probably won’t be a mention of how I like to drink tea, especially Earl Grey Tea with soy milk. Except that I just mentioned it. But that is all I promise. Now, onto the cards and all their tales.

Psychic Sarah

“Oh 9 of Swords, why do you continue to lie there?”

Queen of Pentacles, leave me alone! I don’t know why. All I know is that sometimes I get so desperately sad, I find it hard to experience joy and receive the support that others seem to be offering me.”

“It must be hard, dear 9 of Swords to be painted in such way that triggers fear in The Collective. I am hearing that you would love to experience joy, yet also want some acknowledgment about how you support The Collective to go deep when necessary.”

“Yes. I would like that. And I’m appreciating that you are bothering to listen to me in the first place. People usually just chuck me back in the deck and try and find another card. And when I keep falling out they put the deck away and go and do something else rather than sit with me.”

“So you are wanting to connect more with The Collective and to share your wisdom?”

“Yes, but for now I think I just want to rest. I’m not used to getting so much attention. And I think The Collective would like to find out more about you, oh Queen. I can see the Knight of Wands on the other side of you, waiting for an interview.”


Queen of Pentacles! Greetings and salutations to You! What would you like to share with The Collective this month?”

“Well, dear Knight, I would like to reveal how I enjoy sitting still, and just being. I enjoy being present to my surroundings and to my own needs. I would like to offer The Collective the opportunity to find space in their daily lives for just being rather than doing. And within that time, even if it only a matter of minutes, they might more easefully access the inspiration they are yearning for.”

“Wonderful! Thank you for talking with us oh Queen. I am wondering if you would mind interviewing me? I can see the Page of Wands up ahead but he appears to be looking forwards rather than backwards – I don’t think it is really his thing to move anywhere other than forwards, even for these special ‘Collective’ occasions.”


“Very well dear Knight of Wands. I can see that you want to contribute to this reading, and want to respect that not all the cards will gel with the format that has been chosen.”


“Respect is very important! Respecting not only my own needs but also those of others. I like looking back every now and then to make sure no one I care about has been left behind, and I also like running ahead intuitively, to find a more stable and abundant path to share with anyone who would care to listen.”

“Anything else Knight of Wands?”

“No, carry on to the Page of Wands. I think we’ll have to alert Fortune (Wheel of Fortune) she’ll be interviewing him.”

“I already knew that dear Knight. I’m a wheel of Fortune for crying out loud. I probably manifested this entire reading.”

“Very good Fortune. Carry on then.”


Page of WandsPage! Over here. What are you looking for anyway?”

“A path to the stars! Or a portal to the Caribbean! Or a flying pig – anything that will help me prove to The Collective that their craziest dreams can indeed come true!”

“Some of their dreams have been borne out of despair or conditioning though, Page of Wands. I’m not sure it is wise to unleash all of The Collective’s dreams upon the Earth. That could be quite destructive.”

“Well of course, I mean the dreams that come from a pure place… dreams that don’t require others to change in order for anything to work. Where love is the key and diversity is celebrated. Where mutuality is found even amongst those who have sworn to hate each other through ignorance and greed.”

“Okay, I’m more interested in what you have to say now Page of Wands. Tell me more about how you can help The Collective transform their surroundings to reflect an environment that truly supports everyone’s needs?”

“Well, to be honest with you, I’m more of the catalyst than the organiser and planner, but I think my presence could result in some inspiration and creativity and maybe even some hope. Oh oh! And choice! I really want The Collective to connect with their capacity to have more choice in how they feel every day – that the actions of others need not bring them down.”

“Thank you Page. Sun? I’m ready to be interviewed now.”


“Oh Fortune, you know you don’t need an interviewer. You’ll just breathe your message into us whether we are conscious of it or not.”

“The same could be said of you Sun. Very well, I shall speak. Keep moving Collective! Don’t let the difficult actions of others get you down – there is always more to come, and in the end, love will be felt more strongly than fear. Mark my word! Also, stop associating me with gambling. That is all.”

“I also enjoy your capacity to just go with the flow and maintain a steady balance oh Fortune.”


“Thank you Sun, I thought that was obvious though. I believe it is your turn now. How will the Sun heat up The Collective this month?”

“Well I must say I’m feeling rather mysterious. I was going to just stay silent and let folks figure me out for themselves but lets face it, I’m the Sun – a massive fiery star – enough to blow your brains out if you get too close. Subtlety has never been my forte.

“Therefore my influence will likely be felt by The Collective as an overwhelming yearning to connect with like-minded types, to celebrate how far we’ve all come and to not hold back on the self-expression. Inhibitions need not apply when I’m in town.

“So shine well dear Collective. Don’t forget to absorb some of my heat to warm your hearts this month. Oh one more thing! Psychic Sarah has some general housekeeping to share before we finish (despite her promise to stay out of the way this reading). You may notice at the top of each card there is a word describing each archetype. As with all decks of that nature, use at your own discretion. If it relates to you in this moment, wonderful. If not, just acknowledge it and then feel your own way.”


Tarot deck used for this reading: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea by Julia Turk

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3 Responses to “Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November © 2012 Sarah Barry”
  1. Robin says:

    What deck is this? I love the images.

  2. stelladelight says:

    ahh such a timely reading, i feel my part in the collective! thank you xxx stelladelight

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