Temporarily Working Sundays!

When I return from Vipassana on July 13 I am doing a temporary switcheroo to my work week: I will be working Sunday – Wednesday (instead of Monday – Thursday) until the end of July. So you weekenders get to come for a Sunday reading, and I get to do a short course on a … Continue reading

Last week of work before I go meditate for 10 days :-)

Today until Thursday are my last working days before I head up to the Vipassana Meditation Centre to sit quietly for 10 days. If you are wanting a tarot reading, now is the time! (or wait until I get back July 13.) To book an appointment call Pure Botanicals on 9034 0555.

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ June © 2011 Sarah Barry

Strength pulls us close, hugging us tightly, whispering urgently to remind us of our most powerful lessons to date. She can see the Devil approaching and wants to impart as much knowledge as possible. She knows that soon the Devilish archetype will catch up with us, causing us to forget some of our still-fragile wisdom. … Continue reading

Another day, another photo of my tarot bike…

Every now and then I like to do an image search with ‘tarot bike’ to see how many undercover shots have been taken of my pushbike (who can just walk past glitter and flowers when they have a camera in hand?!). This time I came across a blog by two friends who share virtual postcards … Continue reading