Psychic Sarah’s Tarot Newsletter ~ February 2012

My latest newsletter should have found its way to the inboxes of those on my email list. For the rest of you, here is the link: This month shares some secrets about one of those scary-looking swords cards: The 10 of Swords. Click on the link to find out how this seemingly painful card can … Continue reading

My Experience on a Vipassana Meditation Course, Tasmania 2012

Meditating in silence on a 20 Day Vipassana Meditation Course is a great way to see how truly nutty one’s mind can be. Oh the detritus that is stored in there, and in my case nearly 35 years worth. That’s what I had the opportunity to find out in January. In a beautiful, quiet, bushland … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ February © 2012 Sarah Barry

What a spark of confidence has exploded within the collective! We have decided to move away from the potentially paranoia-infused 5 of Swords and power on towards the wisdom-sharing Hierophant. Having a short pit-stop with the 8 of Wands on the way to The Hierophant means we can focus on helpful things unfolding in our … Continue reading