Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ February © 2012 Sarah Barry

What a spark of confidence has exploded within the collective! We have decided to move away from the potentially paranoia-infused 5 of Swords and power on towards the wisdom-sharing Hierophant. Having a short pit-stop with the 8 of Wands on the way to The Hierophant means we can focus on helpful things unfolding in our world rather than just the annoying, limiting things.

See, less paranoia means more love and acceptance– hooray! And even though The Hierophant may have the reputation of being a traditional old stuck-in-the-mud, he really does want to make sure that we are harnessing our own wisdom and bringing it forward into our respective communities.

Now we can really start to build things. The 6 of Pentacles (Disks in this deck) loves building our lives in a sharing, caring kind of way. It honours our hard work and makes sure that whenever we start to feel a bit greedy, we are reminded of the importance of respecting, serving and being fair to the people who are affected by our actions.

Bringing our 6 of Pentacles-inspired understanding of equal rights to The Empress means we can have a deeper conversation with her than usual. Of course, The Empress will love and encourage us all no matter what – she’s pretty saintly in that way. However, if we come to her more alert and less brainwashed she can share with us some of her more subtle teachings.

And as for what those subtle teachings might be? Who knows, they will be different for all of us. Perhaps we can notice if we start to guess what might be going on for people around us. Instead of people being labeled as ‘annoying’, ‘aggressive’ or ‘stupid’, we might start trying to connect with them and hear their stories so that we have the opportunity to put their actions into context. And then they can have the opportunity to do the same for us.

Our reward for at least trying to immerse ourselves in Empress-wisdom is the 2 of Cups. An archetype that expresses commitment, it goes way beyond merely indicating commitment to another person or a job. It is commitment to ourselves, to our hopes and dreams, and inspires us to believe in our right to stand up in peace and be visible in this often strange and mysterious world.

Yes, there is a lot of suffering going on, yet with the 2 of Cups – and with all the tarot cards that appeared in this reading – we have the chance to connect with what is most important to us, and find creative ways of delivering our various brands of love and happiness to the world.

To finish, I so enjoyed having a choice of wild cards last month, I thought I’d run three by you again. So, if a wild card is the most common theme that you will be moving with this month, then here are some options for you [note, I have included pictures of the 3 wild cards at the end to help you decide]:

8 of Cups

Want some reflection time? Want to encourage yourself to bring your quietly found wisdom to the wider community? Want to follow dreams from the most powerful recesses of your heart rather the rhetoric of the capitalist economy? Sit down with the 8 of Cups, chill out and learn to listen to your heart through actual experience rather than through the books or words of others.

Knight of Wands

It is funny because I’ve always seen the Knight of Wands as a more reflective individual, yet the way he is presented in this deck he seems to be in a gung-ho leap-through-the-fire kind of mood. Which reminds me of what arises once we have reflected upon our lives: Action! Let’s get this party started! Let’s bring our ideas and experiences to the world! Share! Excite! Inspire! Just do something okay?!

The Tower

I know some of you might be thinking “who in their right mind would consciously choose The Tower”. I guess of all the cards though – The Tower is probably the one you’re better off inviting in rather than being ambushed by as you meander down Ignorance Street in the Village of Delusion.

Rather than be hit by a sledgehammer, talk to your enemies instead. Perhaps you will find that you have more common ground than you first assumed, and maybe you can figure out how to co-exist without destroying each other (pssst. Nonviolent Communication?). There doesn’t have to be any right or wrong for life to move forward (note – the enemy may not exist outside of you).

Tower, anyone?

Tarot Deck used for this reading: Stella’s Tarot by Stella Kaoruko, painted by Takako Hoei.

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