Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ December 2015

Dear Collective, Welcome to the final Tarot Reading for the Collective for 2015! For this reading I have chosen Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon. Gloria is from Venezuela and so the text is in Spanish. She hand-printed every card in this Majors-only tarot deck (so just 22 cards instead of the standard … Continue reading

Tarot Newsletter: In which we gaze upon a lovely tarot office, and meet with the Three of Pentacles

My tarot newsletter for November is now live. Read on for photos of my new tarot office and for ways to have a bountiful time blending with the Three of Pentacles bit.ly/TNNov15  

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November 2015

Dear Collective, Well it’s November and it’s been quite a year don’t you think? When we started the Year of the Goat I was like “Yay! Goats are cute and friendly!” And then I took a look at what was going on in the world around me, and I remembered that goats are very much … Continue reading

Tarot Newsletter: The Scintillating Seven of Swords

My tarot newsletter for October is now live. Read on for scintillating wisdom from the Seven of Swords and other tarot tales. bit.ly/TNOct15

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October 2015

Today marks the day that Mercury goes direct once more, and I thought we would all need a tarot reading to celebrate. This Mercury Retrograde (from September 17 – October 9) seemed to be more a bit more of a doozy than usual this time around, and I figured that we would need extra strong … Continue reading

Tarot Newsletter: I’m moving to a new office!

My tarot newsletter for September is now live. Read on for wisdom from the Two of Cups and to find out where my new office will be! bit.ly/TNSept15

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September 2015

This month I am using a deck that I resisted acquiring for a few years. Not sure why, really. Then one day a friend posted a tarot spread using The Wild Unknown on Instagram and it grabbed me! I ordered it that very day. Now that I have it in my possession I can’t imaging … Continue reading

Tarot Newsletter: The liberating ways of the Judgment Card

My tarot newsletter for August is now live. Read on for tarotlogical tales that reveal the ways in which the Judgment card can push us beyond our ignorance, and into a clearer way of being. bit.ly/TNAug15

One Minute Wonders

Have you heard of my One Minute Wonders? It’s where I randomly pull a tarot card just for you, and speak about it for 1 minute into my trusty digital recorder. Then I email it to you. It’s like your wild card…your personal card of the day, and the card that can best assist you … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ August 2015

To my dear readers of tarotlogical tales, here we have something a little bit different. I am using The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding for this Tarot Reading for the Collective. I’ve never seen a deck quite like this one, and the images being printed on transparent plastic makes for some interesting layering, which we … Continue reading