Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ December 2015

Dear Collective,

Welcome to the final Tarot Reading for the Collective for 2015! For this reading I have chosen Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon. Gloria is from Venezuela and so the text is in Spanish. She hand-printed every card in this Majors-only tarot deck (so just 22 cards instead of the standard 78). I bought this deck from Mary Greer at this year’s Readers Studio in New York. I love that they are all woodcut prints, and I love the smell of this deck! I’m sorry that I can’t share the smell with you here on the blog, but trust me, it’s good (I was going to try and describe the smell to you, but I find I can’t. It’s a special wisdom reserved for the nose alone)!

First up we have Estrella (The Star) to bathe us in her distant yet powerful light before we catapult into the final stages of this calendar year. Estrella, what will you remind us of as we walk these final weeks of 2015?

The Star - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

I will remind you to look after yourselves and keep yourselves safe. I come into your lives to heal what has fallen apart, so let me do just that. Be open to asking for and receiving help, and don’t reject my advances. Quiet time with me is not boring, it is powerful and it is necessary.

 Thank you Estrella. I see now we have Death, and though the card is not named, the number is concurrent with Death and in the booklet it is referred to as ‘La Muerte’. So here we get to sit with the Death card a while, and remember what we have let go of this year. Death, do you care to speak?

Death - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

My dear collective, you have let go of so much this year. Some of you have let go of old ideas and outdated dreams, some of you have lost your minds for a while and some of you have found them again, some of you have lost beings whom you love. I will help you let go every year, and indeed, every day, but as we walk these final weeks, perhaps remind yourself of the need to say goodbye to worn-out ways of behaving with others. Now is a good time to let go of what’s no longer nourishing you, and say yes instead to connections that feel vital and full.

Vital and full? I can help with that.

Sol (The Sun), thank you for shining upon us.

The Sun - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

As always, it is a pleasure, O Collective. I am happy to be here and happy to remind you all of the need to expand into something bigger and more magnificent rather than just accept what the powers-that-be deem to be worthy of accepting. 

If you haven’t done it already – do it now. Stand up and celebrate the body you are occupying and move forward in a direction that is agreeable to you. As long as you harm none, you are bound to find some sure and steady footing.

I think it’s now time we welcomed in the High Priestess, appearing to us as Pensamiento (this translates as ‘thought’ and the number indicates the High Priestess… one who goes within).

High Priestess - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

Hello Collective Ones. I have much to dream of here, and much to prepare for. I have seen visions of what you can grow this coming year, and I want to remind you of the importance of staying close to your initial insights. 

I know it is hard being human and it is even harder to trust your intuition. However, the more you open yourselves up to vibrant possibilities and the more you trust that initial pull that connects you to your hearts, well, there may be something especially beautiful to receive.

And I can up the tempo a bit so you can also have some extroverted as well as introverted time.

Magician - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

Welcome, Art-Ficio (this translates as ‘Art-Fiction’ and the number indicates The Magician… the one who shows us the power of our talents)!

Welcome yourself, it is your life! Now, you’re probably going to feel bombarded as usual once you get to the New Year. So right now, I am going to show you this fancy trick where you just juggle ALL THESE FANTASTIC ASPECTS OF YOURSELVES and start to find that you are better at tackling big ideas than you initially thought.

So, what is this fancy trick?

Well, it’s hard to show in words alone. But part of it will just be having such love for certain parts of your journey, that you kind of WOW everyone with this showy blast of confidence, and whilst everyone is marvelling at your fabulousness, you just lie down and recollect yourself and then you burst forward again! It’s hard to explain, but a big part of it is just stubbornly believing you can do it. Choose your paths wisely though. There’s no joy in clinging to journeys that have forbidden access or are just off on a weird tangent.

And finally we have Dos Caminos (this translates as ‘Two- ways’ and the number indicates The Lovers).

Lovers - Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon

Yes it is me, well, it is us. And we have an important message to share about compatibility and respect. End-of-year events can often bring stress, so it’s important that you allow us to show you how to negotiate respectful connections firstly with yourself, and then with others. 

If you can align with what you most need for your own safety, peace-of-mind and joy, then you are more likely to be able to lead by example for others.

Remember to look out for the quiet moments as we take the last steps of the year – they deserve just as much attention as the noisy ones. And perhaps they will take you into a stronger internal space so that you can start the year with more self-love.

However you spend your days during this end-of-year season, I wish you warmth and love, dear readers. See you next year!

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2015

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with Los 22 Arcanos del Tarot by Gloria Calderon.

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