The Corner of King and Queen

This Sunday July 7 will be my first day in my new tarot office at 22 King St Newtown, on the corner of King and Queen Streets. My space is upstairs at Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, which is still in the process of being set-up (once it is open – oh my goodness! Such amazing yummy food!)

All tarot readings are now by appointment only so you will need to contact me via phone on 0402 066 377 or via email at sarahthepsychic[at]gmail[dot]com to make a time. When you arrive for your appointment, call/text me so I can come down and let you in.

All prices will remain the same as they were at Pure Botanicals, expect now you can get the session recorded for free. I can record either digitally (you will receive the file via email later that day) or old-school-style if you bring your own cassette tape. You are welcome to bring your own recording device.

For more information about prices and how long the sessions are, go to my Book a Tarot Reading & Contact page.

Synchronistically, when I found this new office, I realised that I already had the address (Corner of King and Queen Streets) tattooed on my left arm! Behold, The Emperor (King of Kings) and The Empress (Queen of Queens)!

Emperor & Empress Tarot Cards, 2011

Emperor and Empress Tarot Cards, 2011, Tattoo by Megan Oliver

I look forward to sharing my new space with you 🙂

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