Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ July © 2013 Sarah Barry

10 of Pentacles - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

There’s nothing like a bit of satiation, 10 of Pentacles-style. Sitting there resplendent, we get to enjoy what we have created, and stop rushing around for a little while.

Perhaps though, we have started to feel a bit uneasy, like there was something we were supposed to be doing – something really important – but we couldn’t quite remember what.

Perhaps we have allowed too many cobwebs to form in our minds, perhaps we have gotten distracted by seemingly very important but actually quite unimportant things that are a complete waste of our time.

Perhaps we need a bit of help clearing out the old garbage so that we can get back to our integrated selves?

King of Cups - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

I should say so, definitely, undeniably, without a doubt, yes.

Hello King of Cups. Are you planning on supporting this clearing-out-of-the-garbage business?

Of course I am! How could I sit by and watch stragglers in The Collective bumping around uselessly in situations that are totally doing their heads in?

I am a jolly good helper for making sure that one is firstly aware of the excrement in the room, and then helping one feel really good (and not at all guilty!) about avoiding said excrement. 

So often we get trained to be polite and nice, almost to the point of insanity. How is it helpful to forget one’s own needs? No, no this is not the time for martyrdom, or tolerating ridiculously trivial fusspots.

Now is the time for taking your needs seriously and making sure you can manage what you have signed up for.

3 of Pentacles - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

…I can help with the managing of what-one-has-signed-up-for business if anyone needs help?

Hi 3 of Pentacles, thank you for joining us.

No worries Collective, always happy to lend a hand. Sometimes it can be difficult when everyone else wants to offer their unasked-for advice, and all you want is to just get on with doing what you feel is best.

I will help everyone make sure they are working hard on what matters most to them, so that they better know what support to accept, and what ‘support’ to just nod politely and ignore (or just clearly and simply say no to).

I will help The Collective understand the value in what you each offer the world, so that if people try and give you something inferior or simply off-track, you will recognise that and move away, as necessary. I don’t want anyone to waste their time.

I can see the Queen of Wands up ahead. She will no doubt help you all trust your own skills more thoroughly so that you can carry out your intentions efficiently this month.

Queen of Wands - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

Thank you 3 of Pentacles. Shall I speak now, my Collective?


Right. Well, I’m not really into this business of just waiting for things to happen. I like to be a bit more assertive, and craftily blend my no-nonsense practicalities with my instincts.

Nowadays, I’m relying on my instincts more and more. It is important to do this when we are living in an age where there are so many distractions around us.

It is easy to get off track and go down a rabbit hole that will in no way benefit a clear way of living.

There are certainly rabbit holes to follow, but we have to be extra fastidious, and very connected to what is happening within us, instincts-wise, so that we can choose the paths that will evolve, rather than devolve, our minds. 

What is the point in following paths that create separation rather than integration?

I want everyone to create their own ways of existing in harmony with each other, without having t0 adhere to old structures that have everything to do with greed and nothing to do with the heart.

Justice - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

Hear hear, oh Queen!

Hello? Oh – Justice, welcome!

Hello fine Collective! In need of some balance? I can help provide that.

Yes, balance is something that would be very useful for us I think.

Rightly so. There seems to be a lot of scrapping still happening amongst you humans, not just with each other, the animals and the planet, but within yourselves. You need serious help!

Well, yeah. It’s not like we can just snap our fingers and be healed though.

No, you can’t. Sometimes it might seem like some extraordinary shift took place, but then there is the stark reality that you have to keep working patiently and persistently to maintain the results that bring more life and connection into your heart.

So do you have any insights, Justice, that might help us chose a path that keeps us out of disconnection and at least in the general neighbourhood of clarity and awareness?

Hmmm, well you could try recognising all the hard work you have done to get where you are today. I’m really not into these beating-yourself-up conversations that seem to take place in one’s own mind at any time of the day.

Finding balance is a delicate business, but certainly possible if you take care to only participate in situations that you feel good about. If you keep turning up to a work place or a social situation that leaves you feeling drained or angry, then it will very hard to find balance.

I am all for firstly finding the balance within before you make external changes, so I will help you take your intuition just as seriously as you take your practical side. It’s hard to trip up when I am around, so make sure you are at least in the general ball park of where would you ideally like to be. It’s hard to work with you when you are sprinting in the opposite direction.

Queen of Pentacle - Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

Do you think it is time for me now Collective? I have something for you, something I think you will like very much.

What is it Queen of Pentacles?

Well, a big part of what I have to offer you is the feeling you get inside when you have made decisions that will benefit your life, allow you to embrace your creativity and move forward with integrity.

I can help you find a voice to question the issues that people respond to with a demoralising “that’s just the way things are”. What? The way things are? Says who? Those with no imaginations and those so steeped in fear that they’ve begun to think that living in a limited way is the done thing?

I just want to make sure that no one is getting stuck making decisions that don’t speak to their heart in any way.

Now is not a time to be sitting quietly by the side of the road, waiting for an opportunity to come along.

It is more a time to be leaping like a wild and crazed person at a reality you’ve always suspected was there, but has been covered up by many people’s fears and misperceptions.

I want you all to rush in the direction of your true journey and not waste time  trying to explain to others who struggle to understand. Carry forth and be happy dear Collective!

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Light and Shadow Tarot  © 1997 by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams. Artwork © Michael Goepferd. Published by Destiny Books, One Park Street Rochester, Vermont 05767 www.InnerTraditions.com

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