[Newsletter] Breaking through the Chaos & Commotion of the Fives

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring the Five of Pentacles, Five of Wands, Five of Cups & Five of Swords as the Cards of the Month – all the Fives! To learn how to navigate their chaotic ways with self-love and respect, go to bit.ly/TNMar20 ❤️

[Tarot Newsletter] Slowing down with the Five of Pentacles before we speed up again for 2019 🐢🐰

My first Tarot Newsletter for 2019 is out, this time featuring the Five of Pentacles as Card of the Month. Learn how this card can help us slow down and take stock before we gain momentum again. bit.ly/TNJan19  

[Tarot Newsletter] New York Bound, and the Five of Pentacles vs Six of Cups

My latest Tarot Newsletter is in the ether! If you’re on my email list, it should be in your inbox. For the rest of you, go here. Read on for news about my upcoming trip to NYC, as well as tarot tales from the Card(s) of the Month (the Five of Pentacles and Six of Cups … Continue reading