Tarot off the Cuff: The Death Card

Last year I was a part of Tarot off the Cuff – a YouTube series featuring a small group of professional tarot readers who gave short, impromptu talks based on the tarot card that they pull (note, the talks aren’t about the meaning of the cards per se – the mission was to share tips and reflections that are inspired by the chosen card). The aim was to inspire other tarot readers with their own process, but anyone with an interest in tarot will enjoy the stories!

This particular video of mine, inspired by the Death Card, was the very first one I recorded at the end of April 2020. We were one month into the first lockdown then, and when I look back at it, I notice how revealing it is that I was talking about the Death card and the stories that arise in and around that theme, not long before I realised that I wanted to train to be an End of Life Doula, and start working with Life Rites Holistic Funerals (if you missed this news in my most recent tarot newsletter, go here).

You can watch the video here – and please let me know what you think/feel in response.

The other videos I did for Tarot off the Cuff are:

The Magician

Seven of Cups

The Chariot

The Chariot (again!)

The Empress

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