Tarot off the Cuff: The Death Card

Last year I was a part of Tarot off the Cuff – a YouTube series featuring a small group of professional tarot readers who gave short, impromptu talks based on the tarot card that they pull (note, the talks aren’t about the meaning of the cards per se – the mission was to share tips … Continue reading

Tarot off the Cuff: The Chariot

My third Tarot off the Cuff video is now live – you can view this 14 minute video here.  Tarot off the Cuff is a YouTube series featuring 10 professional tarot readers giving short, impromptu talks aimed at helping other tarot readers deepen their own process. We choose a card on the spot & speak about whatever comes to mind. In this video I … Continue reading

Tarot off the Cuff

I am excited to be part of the team on a new Youtube series called Tarot off the Cuff, in which 10 different professional tarot readers give short, impromptu talks aimed at helping developing readers to deepen their own process. The tarot professional chooses a card on the spot and speaks on whatever comes to … Continue reading