Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ August © 2011 Sarah Barry

Dearest Tarot-Reading-for-the-Collective-Enthusiasts and Googled-Tarot-And-This-Is-What-I-Got-First-Time-Explorers: Welcome to an Augusturian adventure that takes us from The Sun to the Knight of Pentacles with a smattering of Wands, a Sword and a Pentacle in between (not a Cup in sight).

Slipping away from The Sun towards the King of Wands may have seemed like a bold plan when that idea first struck us. I mean, creeping away from a star as powerful as The Sun is never going to be easy, being as bright as it is. The Sun tries to shower us with awareness of the skills we possess that most need to be extroverted and shared. Quite important stuff really – except that due to the anxiety that crept in at that imminent visibility, we chose to run instead to the King of Wand’s quiet glen.

[Author’s note: I notice that my language is being affected by the evocative and unusual imagery in the deck I am using for this reading: Tarot del Bosque Magico (Tarot of the Magical Forest). This deck is filled with dreamy, whimsical images of animals as the various tarotlogical archetypes. They are inspiring me to get to know this special little deck a lot better. Okay, on with the reading!]

The King of Wands helps us reconnect with our most profound yearnings. And because the Tarot del Bosque Magico features the King of Wands as a frog sitting on a throne, looking so cute yet so regal, I will add some of his words of wisdom:

“Listen to meeee. You are doing well. You just have to remember why you are here so you don’t stuff things up. Here’s a hint: you are not just here to earn money and/or procreate. There are deeper reasons why you have arrived. Share your wisdom with us alllllll.”

Yet we cannot be content with solely cerebral meanderings with the King of Wands. To figure out how we can better serve our communities in this life we need to go out into the wilderness to earn our wisdom. The Page of Wands (called the Knave in this deck) is our best guide for this trek into the who-knows-where-and-what part of our inner worlds. May we place emphasis on the ‘inner’ part of ‘inner worlds’, so that the answers we find come from a far truer place than anything we could hope to find externally.

So with the Page of Wands, we can start or continue exploring our lives with a genuine curiosity about what truths we are going to find within ourselves. The stronger our will, the more likely we are to immediately see how we are growing, even when we find ourselves in the most challenging of situations.

The Queen of Swords awaits us upon her throne at the edge of the worlds, wondering if we will ever truly appreciate her capacity to allow for clear and effective communication. As humans we love to feed our heads with as much information as possible. Yet so often we forget that we must learn to integrate this new knowledge and share it wisely, or else it is simply more fodder to whirl around in our brains, confusing us rather than refreshing our weary heads.

Contacting the Queen of Swords towards the end of the month (or any time of the month or year if you want) means we can come up with clearer strategies for talking to those with whom we struggle to connect. Once we’ve felt the touch of the Queen’s sword and are feeling confident enough to venture out with some new lingo, the 6 of Pentacles will greet us for some tips on sharing the love.

We can find 6 of Pentacles whenever we are searching for new ways to give back some of what we have acquired – whether financially, emotionally or spiritually. It is an archetype that helps us give in a balanced and aware way. One thing to watch out for, though, with the 6 of Pentacles is that we don’t expect anything in return or get overly attached to the idea of ourselves as a ‘giver’ – as it is liable to add fuel to our already raging egos.

To finish off with the month we have our friend the Knight of Pentacles. This is the card I have chosen to share the image of this month as visually it is the card that made me laugh the most. This Knight is a cape and beret wearing fox atop a giant wild boar-like creature. Bringing with him the pentacle, this Knight charges courageously into our lives to remind us of how we can wow the world if we are aware of our capacity to do just that.

By wowing, I mean that as a trustee of the Knight of Pentacles, we have the opportunity to see how we effect positive change in the community around us. By being more aware of how we can inspire others, we can take a step towards dealing with that pesky self-loathing stuff. May we all feel the Knight of Pentacles within us: its indomitable presence, its eagerness to offer inspiration and its commitment to make us laugh.

The deck used for this reading: Tarot del Bosque Magico – Tarot of the Magical Forest by Hsu Chi Chun, artwork by Leo Tang











Image from Tarot del Bosque Magico used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino Italy  © 2008 Lo Scarabeo. More information about this deck and others by Lo Scarabeo at www.loscarabeo.com

2 Responses to “Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ August © 2011 Sarah Barry”
  1. gaylourdes says:

    Wonderful wonderful! I love the Knight of Pentacles, and want to emblazon that card with your description on my shield as I sally forth through August. Probably this will be largely metaphorical, so I commend to your imagination the image of gaylourdes venturing through the magical forest with all the sensitivity and mirth that the comical gait of a muppet can inspire.

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