Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March © 2011 Sarah Barry

Page of Cups? Love and contentment? Inspired joy and new beginnings? Don’t make me laugh. We’re too busy with the 5 of Wands for any of that. We’ll get back to the goodies of the Page of Cups later, yet first it seems necessary that we go on a cross-country road trip through strange and magical waters, in order to understand how we can better integrate those Page-shaped Cup-like qualities.

A whirl with the 5 of Wands usually leaves us feeling us somewhat flustered. Oh the frustration of crazed communication and mud-splattered ideals! We need some help from The Empress now so we can soothe our pains and clarify our confusions. Ah, there she is!

Hi Empress! …Hello! …Hello? … are you ignoring us?

Only until the 8th of March

What?! That’s ages away!

Really? My goodness you are needing some debriefing aren’t you! Look, how about I give you a dose of my intuitive and grounding qualities this weekend (5th and 6th). If you do well with my wisdom, and trust your rights to be empowered individuals, then I will stay until the end of March. The Magician is coming though, and you may want to benefit from his strengths.

Oh him. He can be a bit intense though. All that “Look at Me with All My Tools” crap.

Hmmm, well, yes I did have a chat with him just last night and he did have a certain bite to his usually integrated communication. You do realize that The Collective hasn’t invited him in since November 2010?

We haven’t invited you in for a while either.

True, yet I am built on self-sustainability, not ego like The Magician. I do not require an audience to survive. Look, I don’t want you to feel obligated to hang out with The Magician. Spend time with him only if you think his gifts of skill and intellectual discernment are necessary this month.

Will he help us make decisions with confidence and be clever in our actions?

Very likely.

Okay, so words up people – The Empress approves of us dancing with The Magician this weekend. Personally, I think The Empress has more to offer us for the New Moon on March 5th, and then we can make use of The Magician’s flair later next week. Do what ye will though.

I’m looking at the Knight of Wands and 6 of Wands checking us out from over there by the alleyway wall. It’s like they want to offer us something but they are unsure as to whether they would be worth our while after such heavy-weights like The Empress and The Magician.

Enough of this Arcana-ism! Whether a card belongs to the Major Arcana (big secrets of the tarot) or Minor Arcana (small secrets of the tarot), they are equally valid. A secret is a secret after all, and indeed the more positive, powerful and momentous changes have born out of small acts of courage that changed our world for the better, and the saner (think Gandhi’s nonviolent protest march in 1930; think the first Mardi Gras march in Sydney, 1978; think the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama, 1955, among so many others).

Let us welcome our Knight and 6 of Wands to herald in a moment in our collective consciousness where we can remain open to new possibilities and move forward with awareness and quiet acknowledgement that we all have a huge responsibility to carry if we’re going to survive in peace.

To round off the month we will have some Sword visitors: the 8, Page and King of Swords. They will make sure that we are remembering to trust our intuition no matter how quietly it sits within (8 of Swords); that we are acting vocally from a place of courage and integrity (Page of Swords); and that we are willing to let the leader (King of Swords) within awaken when the time beckons. There is work to be done!

Tarot deck used for this reading: ‘Tarot of the Cat People’, by Karen Kuykendall

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One Response to “Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March © 2011 Sarah Barry”
  1. Kerrie Grant says:

    You make me laugh and you make me think and that helps me not think and just be 🙂 Thank you again, dear Sarah for your wise and funny readings. Love K xx

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