Away meditating for 10 days, back soon :-)

I will be on my annual 10-Day Vipassana meditation course from Wednesday November 6 – Sunday November 17, 2013. I will have no access to phone and email during this time. My first day back at work will be Tuesday November 19. To book an appointment upon my return, please email me at sarahthepsychic[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know how … Continue reading

Three more work days left before ten days of meditation!

  I have just three more work days left before I head off to Blackheath for my annual 10-Day Vipassana meditation course. If you want to see me before I go, I am available for tarot appointments this Sunday November 3, Monday November 4 and Tuesday November 5 from 11am – 6pm. To book in … Continue reading

My Experience on a Vipassana Meditation Course, Tasmania 2012

Meditating in silence on a 20 Day Vipassana Meditation Course is a great way to see how truly nutty one’s mind can be. Oh the detritus that is stored in there, and in my case nearly 35 years worth. That’s what I had the opportunity to find out in January. In a beautiful, quiet, bushland … Continue reading

Away on retreat until end of January 2012

Hi everyone, I will be away at the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Tasmania until the end of January 2012. I will not be contactable during this time. My first day back at work will be Wednesday February 1. If you wish to book an appointment, please call Pure Botanicals on (02) 9034 0555 and they will … Continue reading

Psychic Sarah away July 1 – 12, 2011

Dear everyone, I’m off to be silent for 10 days at the Vipassana Meditation Centre. If you want to book in for a tarot reading I’ll be back to work on Wednesday July 13. When I return I’ll be temporarily working Sundays (instead of Thursdays) until the end of July – so if that works … Continue reading

Last week of work before I go meditate for 10 days :-)

Today until Thursday are my last working days before I head up to the Vipassana Meditation Centre to sit quietly for 10 days. If you are wanting a tarot reading, now is the time! (or wait until I get back July 13.) To book an appointment call Pure Botanicals on 9034 0555.