Collective Tarot Reading by Psychic Sarah : Live at Antidote Festival : 11am Sunday September 1st

When I started tarot reading full-time more than sixteen years ago, it certainly wasn’t within my scope of reference to think that one day I would be invited to read the Tarot cards live at the Sydney Opera House – but here I am, yet again amazed by the wonderful adventures my career takes me on!

After over a decade of writing a monthly Tarot Reading for the Collective on my blog, as well as performing several smaller scale live Collective readings, I am excited to be conducting a large community based reading in such an iconic space.

A tarot reading is an opportunity to pause habitual thoughts, to get some insight into ourselves and to explore possibilities for creating a more empowering present and future. It is a place to connect with our creative hopes and to speak the personal truths that can suddenly bubble up inside of us when there is space and time given to active listening and introspection.

A tarot reading can be beneficial for ourselves, but what good is that if we aren’t able to share our hopes and ideas with our community?

Over the course of my career thus far I have done more than 15,000 professional tarot readings. During this time I have noticed persistent synchronicities: patterns constantly emerging over and over throughout the days, weeks and months. The same tarot card might come up repeatedly for many querents and similar themes will come to the table. My work offers me a unique insight into the collective unconsciousness. While I do keep abreast of topical issues via media, if I want to get a deep understanding of what’s happening in the undercurrent of the community at large – the emotional aspect and the heart aspect – I just need to sit in my tarot office in Newtown, receive my clients and read their tarot cards.

A collective tarot reading brings an opportunity to look beyond our personal situations and outside of our conditioned prejudices, to facilitate change that can get us out of destructive community patterns. How many times have we come across the attitude, “that’s just the way things are”, when faced with a diabolical situation? These days many of us are experiencing despondency at how the world at large is playing out. How can we look beyond this feeling of hopelessness and activate new ways of interacting with life that support positive change?

The Tarot Reading for the Collective can provide a focus for our potential to better understand each other and to work together to create the changes we would like to see.

On Sunday September 1 at 11am, we will gather at the Concert Hall Northern Foyer of the Sydney Opera House, formulate some community-focussed questions together, and I will then do a tarot reading addressing those questions until we finish at 12pm. If you would like to join us, please book your ticket here. Tickets are $20, plus booking fees. I hope to see you there.

Collective Tarot Reading Psychic Sarah


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