Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April 2017: Tarot of the Crone

Dear Collective,

Another month brings another Tarot Reading for the Collective, and for April we are revisiting the power of the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. I personally love a bit of crone wisdom, so I am always happy to whip out (and be whipped by) this deck. For those of you who have previously gazed upon these cards with reverent wonder, you will be pleased to know that it is being rereleased! Go here to preorder your own copy.

The questions that are being asked for the Collective this month are,

What helps us play?

What helps us cry?

What helps us be authentic?

What helps us maintain our integrity?

Let us begin!

1. What helps us play?

Six of Swords

Six of Swords - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

I will help you play by assisting you to bring all parts of yourself to as many parts of your life as possible.  I will help you feel contained and connected enough to not distance yourself from any aspect of your true nature in order to be take seriously. I will help you to be adventurous enough to feel complete in the choices you make, and how you gather your life stories, so you can present them with knowingness and humour along with the pain. I remind you that play is sacred, is to be shared where possible, and is accessible in all states of being.

2. What helps us cry?


Tower - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Tower. Here you are again. You have been such a regular to these Tarot Readings for the Collective for over a year. How on Earth do you bypass the laws of probability again and again with such finesse?

Well clearly you aren’t crying enough. I will help you cry more. I will be that itch that scratches inside and pushes you beyond the conditionings that taught you that crying is a sign of weakness, and that suppressing your tears is a sign of ‘being brave’. I will obliterate the notion that you are supposed to ‘hold it all together’ all of the time.

Cry because you feel helpless, cry because you care about someone going through a hard time, cry because you feel alone, cry because bombs are considered a viable and acceptable way of making a point, cry because the world is not perfect and never will be, cry because your belief systems can never fully support you without you ignoring some inconvenient detail, cry because you need to let it out rather than hold it all in. Cry because sometimes it is the perfect response to the bewilderment of life, and those who try to block this beautiful expression are surely dying inside. Cry for their ignorance, cry for their disassociated pain. Cry that there is such a long way to go, cry because it is good to clean out your eyes.

3. What helps us be authentic?

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

I will help you be authentic by reminding you to step up, stand up, not hold back, and believe in a better way of doing things. I will help you live that better way of doing things before it becomes matter-of-fact, or legal. I will help you burn all the bullshit by remaining steadfast in the face of blind ignorance. I will keep you on track with authenticity by showing you what can be done when you refuse to placate those who might try to manipulate you, whether they are conscious of their actions or not.

Authenticity with me means stepping outside your comfort zone, but finding a zone of your own choosing rather than fitting in with what is conventional. Find your own way, find your own voice.

What helps us maintain our integrity?

4. Three of Disks

Three of Disks - Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

I keep you with your integrity by providing you with friends who have your back. If you can’t find those people, then you will be your own support. I remind you to have a good look at the power of your future path at all times, and to resist the shortcuts that take you dangerously close to losing what you fought so hard to maintain. I make you impervious to lies and deceptions, and associations with those who stopped listening to their true heart a long time ago.

I protect you from others so deep in delusion that they think that the disheartened violent way is the only way. Gather close to you those who take growing up and taking responsibility seriously. Reject the idea that you can do something dishonest in order to get a small reprieve.

Challenge yourself to grow towards a clearer future, while fully embracing the knowledge of how murky it all is right now. There is so much that we can lose as humans, but our integrity should never be lost. It is more vital than I can say.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2017

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. These images are reproduced here with her permission.  For more information about her work and this tarot deck, go to darkgoddesstarot.com

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Tarot of the Crone

Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

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