Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November 2016

Dear Readers,

This month I am using the newest deck in my collection (and yes I aware of how I often I am saying “my newest deck…”!) the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi. Not only are the cards exquisitely drawn, the card stock feels amazing – so smooth and silky. I love holding and shuffling these cards – and looking at them of course.

I wrote the questions and drew the cards for this Tarot Reading for the Collective the day before the US election, but didn’t have time to write the response until post election. While this reading can perhaps be read as a response to that, I encourage readers to consider how this reading could be reflected in what happens in your own land, wherever you are in the world. These are interesting times for all of us, and there is much to be acknowledged and worked on in all parts of the world, Australia being very much part of that.

So let us gather close and see how these cards can help us navigate these days of November (and beyond).

The questions for November are:

  1. How can we create safe spaces?
  2. Who can help us listen, heart-fully, to each other?
  3. How can we see through the storms?
  4. Who can help us learn to trust ourselves again?


How can we create safe spaces?   

The King of Wands


Remember to look ahead for the future safe spaces, but acknowledge that they may not be built yet. For now, keep your friends close as you walk about the plains of life. The wilderness is wild, but we are all wild within it, and we can get accustomed to the things we will need to do in order to remember how powerful and kind we can be. This is just another aspect of life.

If friends can’t be found for company, and sometimes they can’t, befriend a part of yourself that you previously thought intolerable. Create a safe space in your own heart and wrap it in moss and sit in the starless night with your intolerable thing. Perhaps that loathsome part was just scared. And maybe it is time to shake off the fear and start carving out new pathways that resemble the way your heart wants to grow and move. Can you feel your heart? Can you feel how it is trying to make sense of the strangeness of life? Give it a break. Place your hand on it and make an oath to stay with your heart.

Who can help us listen, heart-fully, to each other?     

The Three of Swords


Well, you may not have been expecting to see me in response to that question. I may not seem like I can help you listen heart-fully to each other, right now, but perhaps make you bleed instead?

We have been taught that opinions and divisiveness are more valuable than experiential wisdom and inclusion. With me, the Three of Swords, I will show you the points where it hurts and strongly ask you to sit with that discomfort. I want you to stay with the pain rather than push it away though blame, denial or disassociation.

When you can sit with the pain, you may start to notice that you are not the only one suffering. And you may notice that my purpose is not to seek vengeance or superiority or to announce that someone is right and someone is wrong.

I will help you shed the bullshit piled up between you all. I will help you face the storm. I will teach you important qualities of humility and insight. Know also, that I will rip away your dreams if you ignore me. Do not ignore this opportunity for self-reflection.

How can we see through the storms?   

Four of Wands


Trust in what you have already built. We may not get to sit in the castle yet, and perhaps we never will. Was the Collective expecting a nice, sweet outcome? A breath of fresh air? For so long we have been taught to ignore our intuition and our devotion to the planet, and to just shrug and put up with greed and bullying. Have we have lost sight of our capacity for true connection and understanding?

Are you able to work for a better outcome even if you never see the final product? Can you see my seemingly stable and welcoming FourofWands-self not as a future dream, but a moment in your day? Can you feel me when you share a smile with a stranger, hug a dear one, watch the sunset or stand by the river? It is the moments you want to connect with, and the accumulation of those moments will help you ride through the storms (which have been here for a long time by the way, but now more of you are beginning to notice them).

Who can help us learn to trust ourselves again?      

The Queen of Swords


 Ha! Trust! Now there’s a loaded word. Come and sit with me for a spell, dear Collective. I can help you learn to trust yourselves, but first we’ll have to get clear what I mean by trust.

I mean your choice to listen to and follow your heart, even if you feel silly, or fearful, or if others are telling you that you’re wrong. I mean your choice to speak up, strongly, confidently and clearly (and lovingly!), even when you can see the jackals gathering.

Be careful though of course, some people are way too deep in pain to hear your words. Perhaps they are so committed to blaming others instead of self-observation, that they think they will have too much to lose if they start to crack open their exterior of lies. Perhaps they have forgotten that the lies they told themselves were untrue in the first place. If you suspect this, set a boundary and back away. They can be approached in different ways later, when you are re-fuelled and empowered by solidarity and self-kindness.

But ultimately I will help you learn to trust yourselves by honouring the delicate beauty of the butterfly as you honour the sharpness of the sword. You don’t have to split yourselves off at this time. Remain whole, remain full, and try to hold even an ounce of love and yearning for true connection as you leave your sleeping spaces and interact with each other, in all your diversity and wonder.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2016

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by UUSI

© 2016 Uusi www.uusi.us Printed in Taiwan by The Expert Playing Card Company New York, New York 10001. These images are used here with their permission.

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