Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October 2016

I was going to work with a different deck of cards for this month’s Collective Reading, but I couldn’t start the process, and I began to think that perhaps this wasn’t the right month for that particular deck after all. So I went about my day-to-day business, wondering which tarot cards wanted to speak to the Collective in October. Meanwhile, the Kali Tarot Prayer Cards by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince kept on looking at me. I kept placing my hands on them again and again, until finally I thought, ‘Fine! Let us unleash the potent intensity and awesome fire of Kali, Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction, and Power, for the Collective! Perhaps we need it.’

And so here we are, with the compelling Kali Tarot Prayer Cards. I have been in the habit this year of asking the cards questions for these readings, but who am I to ask questions of Kali? She will talk directly to us instead. Perhaps she will ask us some questions, or just bowl us right over, who knows?

Let us begin!


I am Kali, mother of time, you may recognise my number (X) as the Wheel of Fortune

I will eat you if you try to get ahead of yourself. I will slap you if you forget to trust your gut. Don’t despair when the path is uncertain, as that is the way with the Wheel of Time. The wheel gravitates to where it is drawn: sometimes it will make sense, and often it won’t. If you have an expectation that the way will be all sweet and nice you are missing the point. Expect the changes. Expect the wonder. Expect endings and expect beginnings. Why do you rally against what your inner being knows so easily?


I am Kali at the cremation grounds, you know me as Death (XIII)

Let us sit for a spell together, and contemplate what is uncomfortable to face. Yet notice, as we sit here together, how mesmerising it is to let things burn away, to let go of what is no longer here. I wonder, are those people who harmed you in the past still harming you now? Or is it your mind’s habit of replaying old stories that is wrecking your flow with life? Come burn with me, my children. I don’t want to hurt you, I am helping you stop hurting yourselves. What can you burn with me today?


I am Kali of the Moon (XVIII)

Watch me drop, feel my weight on your skin, pushing you down into the place where it all began. There are no words in this place and no meanings either, but there is a seed of a memory that drags your consciousness back to an unknown time and place that you will never find again. What I say is not for understanding, it is for illuminating. What will I illuminate for you? Will it be the desire to keep moving when you don’t understand? Will it be the reminder of the quest that bites at your subconscious even when you are down? Will it be the call to dance with people who meet you in the dark?

IX Dhumavati (Hermit) - Kali Tarot Prayer Cards by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.jpg

I am not Kali but an aspect of her: Dhurmavati. You may meet me as The Hermit (IX)

Let us walk without the labels, let us walk without the power. Let us drop all the perceptions of superiority and let it all hang out. Let us speak to each other without knowing gender or sexuality or culture or creed. Why do we need to know these things to relate? Why must we compartmentalise ourselves when we have so much richness of spirit to share? Let me in, Collective, let me push apart the apparitions of lies and deceit and find a place on the plains where we can begin to understand what the most important work is. Because, my dears, the most important work… the people of this Earth are not doing it right now, oh no you are not. What belief system or conditioning can you drop today so that you are one step closer to marveling at the cosmos?


I am Kali, banishing fear, approach me if you wish, as The Emperor (IV)

My little ones, do you still seek the softness? Are you tiring of the dirge? I make no promises, but I will protect you when I can. If you do your best to open up, if you try to release the hate, if you attempt to stop the meaningless pontifications about things you do not understand, perhaps you will lean into my hand. I will do my best to drive away the tide of sadness, yet know that sometimes it is right for you to be alone, and there is wisdom there too.

I love observing the flowers you grow in your hearts while you roll around the planet. Even the disturbing flowers are worthy of note. Don’t forget to share those flowers though, my darlings. Who can you share your flowers with today? Who can you bleed a little for right now? Which being – human, animal or otherwise – can receive your honest message in this very moment?

On the back of each of the Kali Tarot Prayer cards is a poem that Ellen wrote. I will finish with the words at the end of each poem,

May Kali be Kind

And Be Thou Mine.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2016

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Kali Tarot Prayer Cards by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. You can find out more about this powerful deck at queenofghosts.com.

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