Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September © 2014

The Tarot of the Cat People by the late Karen Kuykendall, will be our accompaniment for this month’s meander through September.  This is a tarot deck for those who enjoy fabulous fashions, dramatic poses with a touch of mystery and amusing cats. Lots of amusing cats.

Three of Wands - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

First up is the Three of Wands.

Who me?

Yes, you, Three of Wands.

Well my darlings, I’m going to have to warn you. You are up for a bit of a journey this month. We tarot archetypes have so much in store for you all!

I am here to remind you to stay open to new and surprising changes in pace and experience. I will also help you be curious about how these changes could help you, rather than set you back.         


Hello, hello Three of Wands.

Hello hello yourself Knight of Pentacles, you are looking rather splendid. What a collar you have – and your headpiece – outstanding!

Thank you Three of Wands, I am in deep admiration of your coat and your earrings.

Sorry to interrupt everyone, and I do agree that you are both looking rather dandy and that there will be more fashion to admire before the reading is out. However, may we learn of what you are here to share with us Knight of Pentacles?


Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Attention to detail and the capacity to induce a sudden intake of breath in people as you enter the room. This has less to do with style and looks and more to do with self-confidence.

I help you all feel better about being in your own bodies and more aware of what particular gifts you bring to the party.

With that kind of self-awareness you only need spend time with the people to whom you feel most drawn and connected. The kinder and wiser ones. That’s where you want to be spending more time, my friends.



And me, time also with me.

Ah, Six of Cups. How magnificent your hair looks today!


The human wants us to focus less on our appearances, Six of Cups.





Six of Cups - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Oh no need to worry, Collective, we are just showing how to be deep and connected as well as look stylish. It can be done.

Anyway, here I am, the Six of Cups, sharing a story about love and life and breakthroughs and…

One of the cats looks a bit disinterested Six.

Well yes, that is bound to happen. But in any slightly (or very) intense journey though life it is always helpful to have a bit of comic relief or some kind of story that is shared to help lighten the mood, so that we can all relax.

Then we can refocus and dive back into the fray. While looking stylish. Do you follow?

I think so, yes.


Good, then it is time to work with me.

Hello Justice.






Justice - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Hello friends. You need not comment on my appearance – I know very well that my crown is marvelous, my sword resplendent and my scales – a hipster’s dream. Shall I speak now of my virtues, Collective?

If you please, Justice.

Balanced and bold is the way that I move. Intense and sharp. If there is something to see I will help you to see it; if there is a need for more intuition I will help you uncover it; and if you need to move forward with confidence and clear vision I will provide you with those skills. 

I do not dally – I get straight to the point. I am not moved by charisma or cuteness or any form of manipulation. If there is crap around I will smell it, point it out and move away before my pristine state gets tarnished by the naughtiness of others.


Yeah! Lay it on them Justice!

Knight of Cups! Was I too intense?

You were intense, not sure if it’s too much though. Up to the individuals in The Collective to decide I guess.

I think it’s my eyes. My eyes have been painted so wide open in this particular deck. I feel very awake. And I am standing so poised. The cats beside me are so no-nonsense. Anyway, what is said is said. Do with it what you will, Collective.


Knight of Cups - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Yes, Collective. Soak up the wisdom of Justice, then come and hang with me and my large, happy tiger-cat. Look at us go!

I am the Knight of Cups and I am holding a cup that is like a bubble machine. Things are looking good.

I am here to teach you all about going with the flow, feeling your emotions as they arise and applying your wisdom so you can tell if you are making up stories in your head again or actually experiencing reality as it is.

Allowing me into your lives means you have a better chance of feeling the softness and love in your hearts rather than the tightness, cynicism and frustration. I am lovely to have around.

Thank you Knight of Cups. What a good reminder to have room for gentleness in our hearts, with all the difficult paths we have to navigate at times. I think it is now time for the final card of the reading: The Ten of Wands.






Ten of Wands - Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall


Shall I speak now?

Please, Ten of Wands.

I was hoping we could all just stand here together. Quietly and reflectively. Do I really need to speak?

It would help if you would Ten.

Alright, I just want you all to make sure that you remember to stand there quietly for a moment when faced with sudden changes. If someone says something and inside you go “MORON!” – perhaps just pause a bit.

Perhaps it is better to wait before you respond. Perhaps this person is miserable and needs some more love and understanding.

And if you doubt your capacity to shower them in love and understanding then perhaps it is better that you BACK AWAY. And stand with me, the Ten of Wands, and reflect. On everything and all of it.

Now carry on my Collective, find a splendiferous gown to wear, a strange cat and a wand and stand enigmatically and interestingly. Or just carry on. Farewell!



The deck used for this Tarot Reading for the Collective: Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

Images of Tarot of the Cat People used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT.  © 1984, 2004 by U.S. Games Systems.

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  1. Kris Azzarello says:

    Love this! VEry enjoyable and informative – would love to have a readingwith you someday!

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