Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ December © 2012 Sarah Barry

King of Pentacles - Light & Shadow Tarot

King of Pentacles – thank goodness you’re here! We’ve only one month left of the year and there are so many things that need to be done, things that cannot possibly wait until the New Year! They have to be done NOW and we also need help getting inspired to complete it all as we’re so exhausted, it’s been such a huge year, HELP US!

But my dear Collective, didn’t you notice I’m on my way out the door? I don’t have time to assist you in this way.

Well then, why did you pop into our sights in the first place?

I noticed that some members of The Collective were getting somewhat ungrounded with all the chaos of the end of year rush. I sat with them for a moment and reminded them to breathe, and shared some fashion advice. I really do have to go now though. There’s a party for all the Kings tonight on the mountaintop.

Which mountaintop?

Not sure. I’ll know when I get there. Go talk to the 2 of Cups – they’re ready to speak with you all.

And what would you like to share with The Collective in the midst of all the end of year madness 2 of Cups?

2 of Cups - Light & Shadow Tarot.jpg

Mmmmm, something about love, connection and vitality.

What do we do with that information 2 of Cups?

You could start with making choices that are proof of how much you love being in your own skin (or, start at least learning to love being in your own skin). Choices that keep you connected to the values that are most important to you. Values that make you feel vital because when you think about them you find energy erupting inside of you, making you all excited about the possibilities available. Because you’re connected. Yes!

Yes indeed! Thank you 2 of Cups.

Don’t thank us, thank the Queen of Swords up ahead. She’s going to show you all how to integrate what we have offered and take it to the world for an extra strong dose of empowered love!


Queen of Swords - Light & Shadow Tarot

Thank you for the kind intro dear 2 of Cups. Now that you’re here, oh Collective, allow me to expand upon what I can offer you all. Although I can appear somewhat brutal in certain tarot decks, my main message is one of self-assuredness and strength.

Sometimes my courageous and piercing nature and strong, clear voice might be frightening, but really my messages are from the most pure and vulnerable place within my heart. So there’s nothing alarming about what I offer.

Only those who are scared of their own strength and of speaking from the heart will have a hard time with me around. I make no apologies for the way I am, and in this way I encourage others to relax into being their natural selves.

Wow, with all that encouragement Queen of Swords, I’m not sure if we need to go on any further.

Of course you do Collective, I am but one branch of the tree! Besides, I can see my sister the Queen of Wands up ahead. Some people may mistake my confidence and self-assuredness for arrogance, but I am certainly not arrogant enough to think that the Queen of Wands would have nothing to offer The Collective after they’ve had a turn with me.

Queen of Wands - Light & Shadow Tarot

Oh my darling sister Queen of Swords. I do love the easeful way with which your head and heart meet, and of course the way your vocal cords deliver your heart’s words so clearly. I would be more than happy to just sit here and listen to you, but as I have been requested to speak, I will do so.

The Wand in my hand reminds me to stay focused on actions rather than thoughts. I do like to sit and wait for the right moment, never imposing myself on a situation unless it feels right that I do, yet I do not sit with a constricted, socially-enforced patience.

I am here to move with strong-hearted integrity in a clear and grounded way. I take ideas to the street and hold wisdom in my heart so that I can better serve the people around me, never forgetting my capacity to stand powerful and true.

I do not shut down for others and would never expect someone to do that for me. I cherish shared leadership and shared responsibility.

Wow, yes, I am certainly glad we met with you Queen of Wands.

Of course! Now run along Collective, there is still more for you to see before this reading ends.

Okay, so on to the 2 of Swords then. Hi 2 of Swords!!

2 of Swords - Light & Shadow Tarot

Shhhh. I‘m having a moment.

What kind of moment?

A moment where you all just shut up, leave me alone and let me concentrate.

Oh? But…

There are so many distractions going on and I’m not getting the full story. I don’t want people to feed me their opinions and knowledge, I want to figure it out myself. I have to learn to do it on my own eventually anyway, so the less people butting in trying to help me do something that I am more than capable of achieving if given some space, the better.

I’ve often found that when I sit and breathe a bit with all the options on the table, I’m inspired to discover other options that I previously didn’t think were possible. So please, let me sit here blindfolded with my two swords. I need to know that I can feel my way in to the depth of life’s problematic bits and find my own way out again.

Now move on to the 3 of Pentacles. I was serious when I said I wanted to be left alone.

3 of Pentacles - Light & Shadow Tarot

3 of Pentacles? Any final inspirations to take us through December and into 2013?

Work hard to maintain the necessary balance. Don’t let others who assume authority talk you into a situation that you don’t need to engage with.

Don’t forget the power of your own way of seeing the world, and the joy of nurturing your talents in the way you would tune a treasured instrument.

By all means receive assistance, but only if it is offered in a way that leaves you with respect and acknowledgement of your own self worth.


Tarot deck used for this reading: The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams

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