Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September © 2012 Sarah Barry

We’re a bit of a wild bunch this month aren’t we, Collective? We just traded The Magician for the 10 of Swords. Yep, our Collective consciousness deemed that traversing time with The Magician’s aptitude, skills and confidence is apparently not as inviting as the 10 of Swords.  The 10 of Swords card looks the same in most tarot decks: the usual vibe is a person lying on the ground with 10 swords stabbed into them. And we chose this. Over The Magician. Hmmm.

Where to begin oh Collective? How do we make something worthwhile and helpful out of the 10 of Swords? We could talk to the person in the picture, but, due to all the swords in their parts, they appear to be dead.  I wonder, if we were to capture the last snapshot of their mind before they died, whom would we see doing the stabbing?

I think we all know deep down who it was. It was us, Collective, wasn’t it? We were getting into cavorting with The Magician, starting to feel confident, like we were maybe figuring out something really important about ourselves. Then we misheard something, had a bit of a freak-out, and decided we didn’t need to travel at this Magician pace after all, it’s best we thwart our plans because OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IF WE STUFF EVERYTHING UP?!!

So in came the Swords, all 10 of them, and now we need to gently pull them out and accept that we don’t have to go to such lengths next time we freak-out. We can call the counsellor, meditate, do yoga, do some kind of empathy practice – you know – all the things Psychic Sarah usually suggests in these collective tarot readings. 🙂  And then sit with the 8 of Pentacles.

Thank goodness! Here we get to rebuild our dreams and nourish our mind and body and spirit and be thankful for the support we have received to get us this far. Even if that support seems minimal at times, it can reach beyond time. Helpful words from a kind person can re-emerge within us at any time to remind us to stay on track with our dreams.

Me! I think it’s time to talk about me!

Good idea Princess of Swords. Should we talk about your background? How in this tarot deck there are no Knights, and instead we have fabulous Princesses taking up the mantle, with the Princes posing as Pages?

You could. And you could also notice how eagerly I dance up a storm. How I brew up marvelous mind-splitting ideas in my head and then hurl them at the masses until they wake up from their slumber and start to slowly join the dance.

Wow. Anything else?

No. Just dance.

…and listen.

 Hello? Who was that?

The 3 of Cups. Care to join us for a cup of tea?

You know we would. What do you want to talk about today?

Friendship. Community. Continuity. Being there.

 Wonderful. I think the Collective would enjoy these qualities after starting the month with the 10 of Swords.

We don’t want anyone to feel bad about themselves. If they are having a hard time we would much rather they reach out to talk about it rather than stew inside of themselves. We 3 of Cups would love there to be more tea parties in this world.

 Okay, thanks for that guys, but with all this mention of tea the Collective will no doubt start to suspect that Psychic Sarah is manipulating your words to support her love of tea.

 But we would really love there to be more tea parties!


Okay, so who’s next? The Star?

Yes, it is me. How are you feeling, Collective?

Doing wonderfully now your glow is in the room. Thank you for coming Star.

Thank you for choosing me. So, Collective, I’m glad to see you on the other side of the 10 of Swords… That was a slightly awkward choice, yet no doubt an important one so that you could reach me with more understanding and wisdom before the end of the month.

What is it that you would most want to share with us Star?

Remember to relax. Knots are easier to undo when your mind is calm. See how far you’ve come since you first experienced pain. Don’t forget to reach out to others for support and solidarity. Find safe places and hold them dear.

And what would you most wish for the Collective, oh Star?

Quiet dreams,  sparkles,  fresh air, cool water and calm bellies.

Calm bellies?

As opposed to nervous bellies. I want everyone to feel comfortable as they can in their varying circumstances. Also, I know I’m sitting up here at the top of the reading, but I see the Ace of Swords and Queen of Cups waiting over there. Please don’t forget to converse with them.

Ace of SwordsQueen of Cups… thank you for joining us. You will be drawing the reading to a close, so who would like to begin?

Well that’s a no brainer – me of course!

Ace? What skills would you like to lend to the Collective?

The ability to jump into life with a clear mind,  the capacity for light-bulb moments, and not being afraid to share exciting and wonderful explorations of the heart with others. Queen of Cups? What would you like to add?

I want everyone to remember that no one knows them better than themselves. Sometimes it might seem like someone else knows our heart’s truth more than we do ourselves, but that is never the case. They may see our potential, but the real truth is sacred, and belongs only to the person who is living inside their own body.

So, dear Collective, as you go out into the world, remember to breathe and relax so that your own wisdom flies into your awareness more rapidly. From there,  you are more likely to make decisions that put your integrity and authenticity at the top of your priority list.

Oh! I just remembered that last month I told the Key to the Kingdom playing cards that they could reappear in a collective reading again if they wished. But now it is already written! …Next month perhaps, if my memory allows 🙂 (I only just acquired the Light and Shadow tarot deck and I was so excited about it, I plumb forgot about my original plan!)

The tarot deck used for this reading was The Light and Shadow Tarot Deck by William Goepferd and Brian Williams.

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