Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ August © 2012 Sarah Barry

This month starts with a bit of confusion. Who is this archetype anyway that we are moving away from? He is called the Prince of Cups but his traditional identity is obscured. Does he represent the Page? The King? (the Kings are missing in this deck – Stella’s Tarot. The Knights instead seem to take on board a Kingly presence.)

So how do we move with this Prince? I guess it doesn’t really matter; he has already hopped on his swan and is gliding away from us. It has got me thinking though – do we really need to know someone’s official title or standing in society in order to relate to them? Can’t we just let the Prince of Cups be the dude on a swan, encouraging and heartfelt in his aspirations, off to weave a new tapestry of life elsewhere?

Or perhaps, we could just let him speak for himself?


Yes, you could do that.

Apologies for the delay in getting to the horse’s mouth, oh Prince. Do you have anything to share?

Perhaps, but you stopped listening to me some time ago anyway – mid June if I recall. No biggie really. Sometimes I’m just pumping out so much compassionate love that it can be hard for the Collective to integrate that message.

What message?

The message about how compassionate love can solve so many problems! Anyway, don’t worry about missing me in the obvious way this time around, I have planted something in the Collective but it is somewhat hidden and accessing it will require some sensitivity.

How can we reach that sensitivity?

Ask the 2 of Disks (Pentacles), I’ve talked here long enough.


2 of Disks? Do you care to share some insight into how we can find the sensitivity that will help us identify what the Prince of Cups has given us?

He wants me to talk about sensitivity? Oh man, I’m always being thrown in the deep end! Luckily I’m a balanced individual and can handle it. But still. Sensitivity? Hmmm, okay…. well, I guess if the Collective is hanging out with me and all my “she’ll be right mate” kind of navigation… we can all just move beyond the bullshit and the rhetoric and the over-analyzing of EVERYTHING and just get to the practical experience of being balanced individuals.

How do we do that?

Pfff, how am I supposed to know? Everyone accesses their wisdom differently. I know Psychic Sarah will mention meditation, and she probably has some friends who would mention nonviolent communication, martial arts, eating healthily, walking in the bush, hugging some trees… just do something that helps you face and deal with all the clutter of this strange world that we live in. Less suffering for all that way 🙂

Thanks. Anything else?


No, I need a lie down. Ask the 8 of Wands.

8 of Wands! What are you doing?

Grabbing at opportunities as they come my way, considering them, and tossing away the ones that don’t fit.

How do you know what fits and what doesn’t?

It’s a feeling thing. You can’t get caught up in the head for this kind of job. Many of the opportunities the Collective is likely to be offered this month may seem like something that was desired at some stage previously, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are relevant right now.


What looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily feel good in the body. And seeing you have to live in your body and ideally enjoy that experience, it makes sense that you only accept opportunities that feel complete, inspiring and full of potential and grace.

So if an opportunity arises that you might have asked for, but it doesn’t feel quite right, then check in with yourself to see if your needs have changed before you accept.


Are you ready to talk to me yet?

And you are?

Only The Universe.

Apologies Universe. I’m used to dealing with The World. You went and changed your name on me.

That would be Stella* who changed the name, and I must say I’m rather relishing the implications of being larger than usual.

Right. Er, so do you have something to share Universe?

Indeed! Stop stuffing around and get into action! Now is not the time to whimsically ponder dreams, only to put them aside in favour of a warm cup of tea or a tidy pay packet. Test the strength of your will power oh Collective!

Remember that I am not here just to sit around and have a yarn with you all.  There is business to be done, loose ends to be tied up and new frontiers to seek out.

Okay, that sounds pretty helpful and inspiring. But, do we get to have a cup of tea and a yarn with anyone this month?

Hmmm. I see you’re flagging somewhat.

No, no Universe, we’re on board! Action, testing of willpower and reaching new frontiers is sounding fantastic, really. We just want to be able to chill out sometimes too, you know, for integration purposes.

Does Psychic Sarah want another cup of earl grey tea with soy milk?

Well… yes.

Hmmm. Very well. Do what ye will, but make sure you don’t get stuck in the teahouse. Talk things over with likeminded peoples and then take those ideas out into the world in a practical fashion. I’ll let the Queen of Wands take over from here.


Hi Queen of Wands!

Oh hi, you’re here already Collective! Look how I’ve trained the cheetah to leap through the flaming hoop!

Um… Queen? Is this something you usually do?

Well, no not really. That’s how the artist of this tarot deck painted me. I must say though, I am rather enjoying getting off the throne and getting into action again.

Oh, so you too are going to talk to us about action-no-chatting-just-action?

Oh come on Collective. You make affirmative decision-making and practical demonstrations of peace and love sound so boring! Don’t let The Universe overwhelm you with her instructions. And certainly don’t take me for being a hard taskmaster who will hunt you down if you don’t achieve world peace.

Just do what you can do, and allow me to lend you all some of my verve and joie de vivre to help you on your continual journey towards self-realisation and harmonizing all of your relationships.

Now, let the 10 of Disks (Pentacles) take this reading out.


Hi 10 of Disks. What are you doing?

Juggling 10 Disks all at once!

And what will that do to assist us this month?

Well, my juggling skills probably won’t do much for you unless you are seeking employment in the circus, but luckily we tarot cards are all about metaphors! So, play with me at the end of the month if you are wanting to lift yourself out of any rut you may have stumbled into. Actually, please don’t think you have to wait until it’s almost September before you climb out of any rut. Address me whenever you like.

Also, I can be particularly helpful when it comes to providing a spark of inspiration and positivity to help you all navigate through the world of career, love and what-on-earth-is-life-all-about. Just as a piece of fair-trade organic dark chocolate sweetened with agave syrup might boost your mood somewhat, I do the same. Except that I am cheaper, and already in you, so you don’t have to go anywhere but your own heart to find me.


Yay indeed.

Anything else?

Yes, not from me though… I can see someone hiding over there…


Hey… who are you?

Me? I’m the 2 of Clubs.

From where do you hail?

The Key to the Kingdom**!

But… you’re a playing card, not a tarot card. How did you get in here?

Psychic Sarah said I could come and play sometimes. I may not be a tarot card but I am very pretty and so are all my counterparts. I just thought that maybe my joyous image of a cat leaping towards the moon might be inspiring for some of you.

We think yes! Is there anything else you want to share with us while you are here?

Well, I like to think that I could remind the Collective to just give their dreams a really good go. I would love it if more people remembered that this life is sacred, and we each have a special way of being that can provide so much assistance for other people.

I want the Collective to understand how the work they are doing weaving their dreams into the world in a practical way is empowering not only themselves, but to others in their communities.

Thanks 2 of Clubs.

That’s okay. How would it be if I or my other counterparts from The Key to the Kingdom came again?

…We’ll see… Perhaps September’s Tarot Reading for the Collective will have a slightly different look to it…


*The tarot deck used for this reading was Stella’s Tarot, by Stella Kaoruko, painted by Takako Hoei.

** The special guest appearance in this reading came from The Key to the Kingdom, a deck of illustrated playing cards by Tony Meeuwissen.

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