Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ October © 2010 Sarah Barry

Okay, so here is my first wordpress post, and I know its a tarot reading for last month (that I posted on my myspace and facebook pages)… but I just wanted to post something straight away! I will be posting the tarot reading for November sometime this week – in the meantime, see if you like this one 🙂


I thought I’d take a peek at what the undercurrent for October was before I got to the actual reading. Death! Ahhhh!

When I was a young thing I used to peek to the end of murder mystery novels to see who the killer was before I even reached halfway through the book. It thoroughly spoilt the surprise factor of course, but helped me sleep better at night for the duration of the read.

This is why I share the Death undercurrent now with you dear readers, so that as I start to unravel the mysteriousness of these beautifully cute tarot cards [today I’m using ‘Tarot del Bosque Magico’ or ‘Tarot of the Magical Forest’. May sound twee, but man, these cards are onto something], you need not have heart palpitations about where it will all lead. “But then what? What misfortunes will we suffer?”. The answer? Death. See? Nothing to worry about. More about that later.

For now, let us notice that we’re moving away from Judgement, so I’m hoping we all expressed ourselves in the way we wanted to of late, because for a change, we were being heard. Hopefully we said something close to what was in our hearts. If we’re no longer being chased around by Judgement’s horn, we have a chance to enjoy the changes we have set in motion. The 9 of Cups helps with that.

Dear 9 of Cups,

Thank you for reminding us to work hard at expressing ourselves, and helping us sit with the changes so that we don’t freak out. We like how you help us to keep on going. Please stay.



But the 9 of Cups won’t stay, because hey, it’s just a card alright and we can’t get too obsessive about these things. The Queen of Swords pushes us onwards and upwards in her gung-ho way, steering us away from those pesky thoughts that arise after a turn with Judgement: “But did I say the right thing? Was there something else I should have said that would made a difference?”

“Enough!” says the Queen of Swords. “Just get on with it, move on, take stock, yes, make changes yes, but integrate! Integrate!

Integration is something Temperance also likes to drive home, in a somewhat more subtle way than the Queen of Swords. Much more subtle actually. Temperance kind of oozes us into mysterious understandings about things. Always a campaigner for intuition, Temperance will help us cruise through any crazy scenarios this month with a level of peace and calm that may at times surprise us.

Before I talk about that undercurrent of Death (Death!) let’s just pop along with the 7 of Pentacles and the Knight of Swords for a bit. Their quick dialogue would no doubt take place on the athletics track during a relay. 7 of Pentacles would be running along saying “Work work work work work work work work”, enjoying the whole experience for what it was, satisfied with the level of training it had undertaken…

“Shut up!” says the Knight of Swords. “Just give me the baton! I want to run! My turn my turn!”

So how to find a balance between the 7 of Pentacles’ enjoyment of hard work done well, and the Knight of Sword’s impatient desire to stride off into the future unhinged and excitable?

Death. hahaha

Okay sorry I’ll stop doing that now. Death of course is not here to drive away our lives (not yet anyway), just our fears. Just? Wow, that would be great, thank you Death.

Dear Death,

Even though you’re often depicted in a slightly scary way that may frighten us and prompt tarot readers to reassure us that we are not to be scared of you, we think you may be here to help us.

By helping us drive away our fears of all things to do with love (because let’s face it, if we were totally pumped up with love we wouldn’t be in fear at all. We probably wouldn’t even be humans) you are reminding us to keep working at letting go of our anger. Or at least observe it or something. You can hang around if you like.



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