[Tarot Newsletter] Honouring Wisdom & Cycles with The World

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The World as the Card of the Month. Learn how The World can help you honour wisdom and cycles at bit.ly/TNJune20.

Returning to Face to Face Readings, June 21st

Due to restrictions lifting here in NSW, I will finally be returning to my beloved tarot office in Newtown on Sunday 21st June, for Face to Face Readings! I have loved doing readings for clients via Phone and Video chat since March 23, but I am also feeling good about being back in my wonderful … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ June 2020: Break the Patterns

Dear Collective, this month I was inspired by a Facebook post by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince: she did a reading for these times, pulling one card from each of her tarot decks (plus one from her latest deck – the She Who Watches Oracle. I am currently awaiting its arrival in my letterbox!). I asked for her … Continue reading

[Tarot Newsletter] Breaking Apathy & Embracing Movement with The Fool

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The Fool as Card of the Month. Learn how the Fool can help you break up with apathy and embrace movement at bit.ly/TNMay20 ✨✨

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May 2020: Tarot of the World in Colours

Dear Collective, This month I thought I’d turn to the Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski. This Major-Arcana-only tarot deck is devoted to the art of the fabulous Keith Haring. This month’s questions are: Where do we need to hold our ground? What have we done well? What needs closer attention? What can … Continue reading

[Newsletter] Softly Surrendering to The Star

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring The Star as the Card of the Month. For soft and quiet navigation in a disrupted world, go to bit.ly/TNApr20 ❤️✨

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April 2020: Dust II Onyx & Kali Tarot Prayer Cards

Dear Readers, This is the first Collective Reading I’ve done since the lockdown. I moved my full-time tarot business to 100% online on Monday March 23, due to the pandemic. I miss my beautiful tarot office, and I miss meeting with the wider community within that sacred space, making you tea, and reading your cards. … Continue reading

[Newsletter] Breaking through the Chaos & Commotion of the Fives

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out, this time featuring the Five of Pentacles, Five of Wands, Five of Cups & Five of Swords as the Cards of the Month – all the Fives! To learn how to navigate their chaotic ways with self-love and respect, go to bit.ly/TNMar20 ❤️

Tarot Readings during the COVID-19 crisis

In these unprecedented times, I am still here to do tarot readings for you. As of 23/03/20 all my tarot readings will be conducted by Phone, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangout or Email. I have placed a pause on face to face readings as we head into lockdown.  I have been doing distant readings on … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March 2020: Women of Science Tarot

Dear Readers, For this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective I am using Women of Science Tarot by Nadja Oertelt, Matteo Farinella & Allan Lasser. Released in 2019, this unique tarot deck was gifted to me last week by my friends Siri & Casey. As soon as I laid my hands on it, I knew … Continue reading