Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ July 2020: CroneSlap

Dear Collective,

As someone who has a lot of tarot decks (around 100 or so), some months I find it hard to choose which one to use for the Tarot Reading for the Collective. There are some decks that, though I love them, I will never use for this purpose, and, as it turns out, there are some that I will use again and again.

There are also very few decks that I will place on my bedside table. If they make it to the place beside my pillow then I am not opposed to them infiltrating my subconscious while I sleep. The Tarot of the Crone has been sitting on the bedside table for the past week or so. It took me longer than it should have to realise it was the deck for the Collective reading this month. As I’ve said before, this deck is perfect if you need a good reality slap.

So here we are, with Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, ready for a good Collective slapping (by slapping, I mean being presented with images that are near impossible to hide from. And really, hiding should not be attempted.)

This month’s questions are:

What do we need to return to?

What do we need to look at again?

What do we need to hold up?

What do we need to treat as sacred?

Let’s begin.

1. What do we need to return to?

Shadow of Swords

Return to the source of your fears, and this time take a longer look. Who or what have you been blaming lately for your pain? I don’t question that your pain is real, but perhaps there is something from the past to get clearer about here. It cannot be denied that there are structural problems with the way power manifests in our midst, but it could be that there is a new power to find by looking at ourselves in the mirror. However, if we try and use that power solely for our own benefit, and if we harm others through manipulation or ignorance, we are not facing ourselves truthfully. We cannot hide from reality anymore.

2. What do we need to look at again?

Sacrifice (I laughed quietly when I saw this: the same card came up in last month’s Collective reading! This tarot deck slaps consistently. So, indeed, let’s look at it again, shall we?)

Look at how dangerous our lies have become. See how we try and trick ourselves into thinking that everything is fine and dandy. Right now as I walk, cycle or drive the streets of Sydney, I observe how humans are interacting and I wonder if there ever was a three month lockdown, and if there is still an ongoing pandemic. I think of those of who are immune suppressed who need to sacrifice so much right now, because so many others apparently refuse to make any more sacrifices to their movements. And I wonder how much we lose through our ignorance. I reflect on how we have been trained to drown big emotions in big displays of distraction. And I wonder how long it will be before we are asked to look at this card up close and personal again, and if we will integrate our learnings more efficiently this time.

3. What do we need to hold up?

Four of Disks

Hold up the pillars of common sense and hold up the memories of dreams. Remember the importance of rest, and know that home is supposed to be safe sanctuary. Let there be enough time for stillness so that our intuition can begin to unfurl its magic beyond our walls and into our communities. We are all connected and we need to hold up our knowledge of that. If we can teach ourselves empathy then we can hold up protection of our minds and hearts above protection of greed, lies and misconduct. [The image behind the bed is of the Priestess card in this deck – I’ve included this card at the end for your visual pleasure.]

4. What do we need to treat as sacred?

Four of Cups

What we have forgotten is sacred. Our collective stories are full of so much power, knowledge, courage, beauty, tenacity and intelligence. Yet we seem to favour shiny new things or shiny thoughts that distract us from encroaching change that will destroy the most sacred things. The moments of peace that arrive when watching the waves of the ocean, the flight of the birds, the wind rustling the leaves and the strong ancient trunks of the trees – these moments hold sacredness in them. We never had to build structures and label them sacred, we just had to see with fresh eyes, what was already here in nature.

She’s watching you. Don’t turn away.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2020
This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with Tarot of the Crone, by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. You can learn more about her work at darkgoddesstarot.com and queenofghosts.com .

If you would like a more personalised reading, go here to make an appointment. If you want me to use the Tarot of the Crone for your reading, just ask me. It’s not one of the four workhorse decks that are always on the table for you to choose from, because not everyone may feel ready for such a relentless reality slap. But if you feel that you are, let me know!

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Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
3 Responses to “Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ July 2020: CroneSlap”
  1. I love Ellen’s Tarot of the Crone deck. It’s excellent for evaporating blind spots and mirages of expectation by literally dealing out intense messages about what is. Wonderful for clarifying vision and getting one to hold one’s mouth differently to frame a new perspective.

    Your reading is resonant, and your expression of the 4 of Cup with what is already here is especially so.

    • Yes to everything you say about Tarot of the Crone, Jordan! I love it when people appreciate Ellen’s work as much as I do. Everything she creates is so considered. Thank you for sharing, and I am glad you found the reading resonant. Onwards with the Crone!
      Best wishes,

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