Returning to Face to Face Readings, June 21st

Due to restrictions lifting here in NSW, I will finally be returning to my beloved tarot office in Newtown on Sunday 21st June, for Face to Face Readings! I have loved doing readings for clients via Phone and Video chat since March 23, but I am also feeling good about being back in my wonderful tarot room.

Phone, Video chat & Email readings will still be available as usual for interstate and international clients. Those of you who are local may also prefer to have readings via Phone & Video chat, which I encourage and support! I enjoy doing tarot readings from afar, and they are just as helpful and powerful as a Face to Face reading.

Some of you though will always love the in-person experience, and I am more than happy to welcome you back to my office!

There will be some changes however, as even though there aren’t as many COVID-19 cases now as there were back in March, the virus isn’t eradicated. I will be taking extra precautions to protect the health and wellbeing of myself and my clients, during this time of transition out of lockdown.

What has changed?

1. We will be sitting a bit further away from each other! To maintain social distancing, the seating arrangement will now be that we are 2 metres apart.

2. I will ask you to wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser on entry (provided).

3. My office has a high ceiling so air circulates well. I will also have my air purifier on the whole time during your appointment.

4. You may wear a mask if you wish, but this isn’t compulsory. For ease of talking I won’t be wearing one, which is why we will be sitting further apart than usual.

5. Only I will be handling my tarot cards. I can assure you that you holding the tarot cards won’t make any difference to your reading. Your energy arrives with you, and you don’t need to touch the cards in order to affect the reading. You will still have control over how the cards fall however, by telling me when to stop shuffling. This is how I do it for phone and video chat readings, and it works beautifully. Thank you for your understanding!

6. Even though I believe it’s ideal to receive your reading without a friend or family member in the room, in the past I have allowed one other person to sit in on your reading. During this time of social distancing, for reasons of health and safety, I ask you to please come alone to your appointment.

7. I will be disinfecting all surfaces between each client for your protection.

8. Most importantly, if you are feeling even a little bit unwell please do not come to my office. Same goes if you have been in contact with someone who is unwell, or if you have recently returned from overseas. We can reschedule your appointment, or change to a phone or video chat reading. The same goes for me – if I feel unwell we can either do a phone or video chat reading instead, or reschedule. I am happy to be more flexible than usual during this time.

I look forward to doing a reading for you – whether in my office, or via Phone, Video Chat or Email – as you wish! Go here for booking information.

Stay safe & best wishes,


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