Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May 2020: Tarot of the World in Colours

Dear Collective,

This month I thought I’d turn to the Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski. This Major-Arcana-only tarot deck is devoted to the art of the fabulous Keith Haring.

This month’s questions are:

Where do we need to hold our ground?

What have we done well?

What needs closer attention?

What can we feel quietly confident about?

Let’s begin.

1. Where do we need to hold our ground?


Justice - Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski

Let us hold our ground as we watch which laws get changed, and the reasons we are given for these changes. Let us hold onto our level headedness and our deep sense of equity, so that we aren’t fooled by anything corrupt or ill-informed. These are tenuous times that call for common sense, so that we can all be safe. However, we must also make sure that the boundaries are clear so that our rights are not abused further down the track. If systemic change isn’t part of what’s going on right now, then we need to try harder. We can hold more ground with more strength and love if we work together in community.

2. What have we done well?

The Magician

Version 2

Powerful creative expression is what we have been doing well during this pandemic, and there are no signs of this stopping. Art is what the collective turns to, both in times of crisis and peacetime, and for reasons of learning and growth. Artistic expression is such a beautiful tool of the Collective! So why are the arts so catastrophically underfunded when they provide so much compelling information for our minds and hearts?!

Serious and powerful magic is woven through artistic expression. Ideas are born, connections are made, people become their true selves by living and breathing art. Let us continue to express our magic well, but let us also stop blocking artists from breathing directly into our consciousness! Fund an artist today!

3. What needs closer attention?

The Imperor (Emperor)

Version 3

Let us look closely at who have we been placing on pedestals and why. Are they worthy of our attention? Is someone in power getting credit for positive decisions that others have worked hard to achieve? Are we misguided in who we are to be thankful for? Why do we need popular leaders again? Why does there need to be a figurehead to look up to? Can we  focus our attention on wise ideas to implement instead? Can we centre empowering communities instead?

4. What can we feel quietly confident about?

The Hermit

Version 4

Perhaps we can be quietly confident that the circumspection awakened in these past months is shifting the way in which we as a collective look at the world? For many of us this time has been a lot quieter, so we have had the opportunity to reconsider what we are doing, and why. What works and what doesn’t? Can we take back some of our working power? Do we need to work so hard for the money? Are there better, wiser, more ethical options that can be put on the table? Is this the time when we realise that we can finally reject the dogma that values profit more highly than our lives? The Hermit says yes (so does Ursula Le Guin )!

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2020
This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with was done with Tarot of the World in Colours , created by artist and illustrator by Eugene Vinikski. More about Eugene at www.tarotmania.ch

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Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski

Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinikski

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