Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September © 2013 Sarah Barry

The Hermit reaches out to us all with his lantern, holding it up so we can see our lives from a unique perspective.  A perspective that will encourage us to think more clearly, the cobwebs to be cleared and to help us engage with our surrounding communities more authentically and compassionately. Nice thought, hey? I … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May © 2013 Sarah Barry

Starting as we do, with a tarot card whose influence we are moving away from, we might ask ourselves as we wave farewell to the Eight of Pentacles:  What is it exactly about this inspiring card, that encourages us to create our life’s work according to our own parameters, that we think we no longer … Continue reading

Psychic Sarah’s Tarot Newsletter ~ August 2012

My latest newsletter should have found its way to the inboxes of those on my email list. For the rest of you, here is the link: http://bit.ly/TEpDlI This month features a kinder side of a sombre sword (the 6 of Swords to be exact), another photo of my tarot bike, and some typically Newtown tales… … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ November © 2011 Sarah Barry

Dear November, I write to you on behalf of everyone. A bold statement I know, especially considering I have not met every single member of the 7 billion human clan on the planet. I also haven’t spoken to anyone else about this letter to you. So yes, bold. And undoubtedly crazy. Allow me to reassure … Continue reading

Tarot Reading For The Collective ~ April © 2011 Sarah Barry

The 8 of Swords bids us farewell, pleased that we chose to hang out with her for so long. It’s not often that people realize that that she’s got more to offer than a whole bunch of swords. Steadfast commitment to trusting our instincts is her prime gift, and as we have humbly stumbled around … Continue reading