Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ April 2019: Melanated Classic Tarot

Dear Collective,

This month I am using the Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria Tronshaw. This new tarot deck is inspired by the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, but all folks in the deck are People of Colour, rather than the omnipresent and oversaturated whiteness that is not only part of the Rider Waite Smith deck but so many other tarot decks. As it says on the box containing the Melanated Classic Tarot: ‘representation matters! ESPECIALLY with archetypes of magic and power.’ I agree.

This month’s questions are:

What do we need to grow?
What do we need clarity about?
What have we forgotten?
What action can we take that supports all rather than a few?

Let’s begin!

What do we need to grow?

The Moon

The Moon - Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria Tronshaw

We need to go deeper than what is comfortable so that we can see beneath the surface of things. We need to be kind to ourselves as we notice the old patterns and struggles and memories that are meant to exist in the past, not the present. Growing with The Moon means putting in the effort for self-reflection, and reaching out for support, whether through friendship or professionally.

What do we need clarity about?

Ten of Wands

Version 2

We need to be clear about the burdens we are carrying, and whether they belong to us. Are we holding on to dramas that have gone on for so long, the memory is lost as to how it all began? Are we putting ourselves down because of another person’s or institution’s negative belief system? Do we need to be clear as to why we allow ourselves to do all the emotional labour for those who can’t even be bothered to make the time for a little self-reflection? Drop the burdens that are not yours. There is room for clarity when that happens.

What have we forgotten?

Six of Swords

Version 3

We have forgotten that the difficult points in the path had learning and initiation contained within them. This of course doesn’t mean that we should thank those who have harmed us. But at the very least we should integrate the wisdom that grew within us so that in future we can keep moving past the situations that hold us down. Perhaps we have also forgotten that part of making the necessary powerful changes requires inner work combined with direct action. Holding this in balance can help us remember a more thorough way of maintaining forward momentum.

What action can we take that supports all rather than a few?

The Sun

Version 4

Take supportive action by speaking up about the hard work particular people do to encourage community growth and awareness through respect for the land, waterways, and air. Speak up about their work, and follow their suggestions for better living. Remember to honour people regardless of their age, race, religion, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, type of employment, socio-economic background, body shape, size or ability. Disregarding anyone’s autonomy is a violent act, so make sure there is consent in your dealings with each other. Be sceptical of corporate media: consider why the words come across not as observations but evaluations. When you see someone in your community doing something amazing, let them know you see what they are doing, that you love it, and let other people know. Spread the word that so many of us are genuinely trying to embrace community and the magical power it holds!

© 2019 Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria TronshawTo find out more about this deck go to https://www.oubria.com/melanated-classic-tarot.html

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Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria Tronshaw

Melanated Classic Tarot by Julia Goolsby & Oubria Tronshaw


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  1. Yes!! I’m so glad you’re using this! I look forward to the posts with this deck!

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