Boundaries for Tarot Readers ~ podcast

This week I was featured on Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady)’s podcast ‘Tarot Bytes’.

‘Tarot Bytes’ is a podcast that covers tarot lessons from Theresa and other tarot readers, teachers and authors from all over the world. As the name suggests, the lessons are on the short side, to make it easier for busy people to make the time for a listen.

The topic I chose to talk about is called ‘Boundaries for Tarot Readers’. In just over half an hour, Theresa and I look at several ways of setting and maintaining boundaries, especially in tricky situations. Although aimed at professional tarot readers, what we discuss is applicable to anyone working in a metaphysical or healing industry. If you want to have a listen, check it out here.

Thank you Theresa for having me on your show!

Theresa Reed Tarot Bytes with Sarah Barry


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