Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September 2018: Slow Holler Tarot

Dear Collective,

This month we return to the Slow Holler Tarot by the Slow Holler Collective, for its beauty, its inclusiveness and its powerful vibe!

This month’s questions are:

What are we ignoring, that could set us free?

Who must we be kind to, to strengthen our hearts?

What must we hold, to understand its worth?

What must we turn away from, to protect our emotional resources?

Let’s begin!

1. What are we ignoring, that could set us free?


Ignoring Awakening? I am Judgement and I am apocalypse – ha! Good luck ignoring me! Is the Collective ignoring that ever-present invitation to look beyond the human-made structures and belief systems designed to control and conquer? If you, the Collective, are willing to look more deeply at what binds you, is it possible that you will see that those who seemingly hold the power are merely weak-minded and corrupted individuals who are only as good as their latest backroom deal?

2. Who must we be kind to, to strengthen our hearts?

Architect of Vessels

How about you be kind to your own tender selves – the tenderness that lies deep beneath all the throwaway comments and bluff. Try being kind to your memories as well: why get lost in the pain of what was not done? How about trying to hold the current moment instead – there is much more potential to work with. Be kind to yourselves as designers of new dreams, dreams that may not be change your outer reality in a noticeable way, but can certainly alter the way you feel about yourself. Your heart strengthens with self-kindness; from there it might be possible to share that kindness with others. Go easy on yourself and make sure you’re not putting energy into situations that harm you, subtly or overtly.

3. What must we hold, to understand its worth?

Ace of Stones

Hold onto a rock and understand that it wants to stay right where it is. It doesn’t want to be moved around the planet for the sake of sentimentality, just because you have become attached to it. Hold yourself in one spot long enough to feel connected to the landscape and remind yourself that you don’t need to keep changing everything around you in order to find peace. The changes are happening inside of you in every moment whether you like it or not, so stop fighting that natural progression and let the Ace of Stones hold you to the earth.

Travel if you must, but do so with the full acknowledgement of the land you will be upon, always honouring the traditional custodians of that land.

Hold onto the people who are like rocks – the way that they exist so steadily in your life – not flinching at the wildness you exude at times. Hug those you love more and let them hug you (with consent, always with consent), so you can know how valuable your shared breaths and heartbeats are.

4. What must we turn away from, to protect our emotional resources?

The Lovers

Turn away from the situations in your life which necessitate you getting too close to people with whom you don’t feel totally comfortable. Turn away from the idea that you are supposed to bind yourself to a way of existing that expects you to lose your sense of self and identity. Remember that deals which require you to be in any way less than your true self are not worth the contamination.

Seek to align with those who share love with you without you having to behave in some neat and structured and conditioned way. Share your emotional resources with the full understanding of how much you are worth, and consider that you have probably been taught to think less of yourself. Honour your true worth in your dealings, beloveds.

And now for a Wild Card – what else do we need to know?

The Chariot

The Collective needs to know that while a cracking pace can be exciting, sometimes there’s a need to slow down and rest a bit more. Self-regulated slow-down time is always more preferable to the forced stopping motion that happens when you’re overdoing it. Take a rest with the night sky, then start again, knowing that what you then offer to your communities is likely to make more sense and have less negativity impacting every action.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2018

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with the Slow Holler Tarot Deck by the Slow Holler Collective. Find out more about this deck at slowholler.com

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Slow Holler Tarot by the Slow Holler Collective

2 Responses to “Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September 2018: Slow Holler Tarot”
  1. Kitty J says:

    Beautiful! Can we collectively BEG for another printing of the Slow Holler Tarot!?! xox Kitty


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