Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ November 2019: Slow Holler Tarot

Dear Collective, I was wondering which deck to use for this month’s reading, and I just couldn’t decide. I  have no shortage of excellent tarot decks, so it wasn’t from lack of choice. But every day I noticed that I was packing, unpacking and repacking the Slow Holler Tarot Deck into my bag “just in … Continue reading

Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September 2018: Slow Holler Tarot

Dear Collective, This month we return to the Slow Holler Tarot by the Slow Holler Collective, for its beauty, its inclusiveness and its powerful vibe! This month’s questions are: What are we ignoring, that could set us free? Who must we be kind to, to strengthen our hearts? What must we hold, to understand its … Continue reading