The Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit: Tarot Horizons 4

I hope you can join me this Thursday July 19 at 6am AEDT (Wednesday July 18 1pm PDT) for The Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit 4 – Tarot Horizons!

From July 16 – 27, twenty Tarot teachers are coming together to show you how to access your wisdom through deepening your understanding of the Tarot.

Host Kim Wilborn has asked every teacher to speak about the tarot topics they find most meaningful, with each presentation focused on helping you engage with the wisdom of the Tarot in a fresh way.

On Thursday July 19 at 6am AEDT (Wednesday July 18 at 1pm PDT) I’ll be speaking about Using Tarot for Social Change. I chose this topic because I am interested in exploring ways in which the tarot can help us move beyond the personal, to engage in effective conversations within our communities.

I am excited to take this exploration with tarot a step beyond my monthly Tarot Readings for the Collective that I post on my blog, and will incorporate both Tarot and Nonviolent Communication. You don’t need to have much tarot experience to join in, though it will be helpful if you at least have a tarot deck!

There are so many excellent teachers on the list below – many of whom I met at Readers Studio, a fantastic tarot conference in NYC. Please consider joining not just my class, but several – or even all of the classes!

Each call will be like a mini-class. You’ll be able to listen to live calls online, by phone, or from a mobile device, and free 48-hour replays will allow you to listen at your convenience. (Low-priced recordings are also available to make it even easier!)

Join us and experience:

Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone –  Lordy, Lordy! A Fresh look at the Esoteric Titles of the Minor Arcana

~ Robert Place –  The Evolution of the Tarot

Ethony – Breaking the Borders of the Tarot Court

Sheilaa Hite –  The Mirror of the Moment

~ Kooch Daniels – The Empress, Seeking the Path of Love

Suzanne Corbie – Opening Doors to New Horizons

Ferol Humphrey – Culmination and Foundation with the Nines

Pamela Eakins – High Priestess: Mary, Isis, Liberty, and You

Christiana Gaudet – When the Best Question is No Question: Techniques for General Reading

Heather Mendel – Revealing the Concealed: Secrets, Symbols and The Suits of Swords

Colin McPhillamy – Astro-Tarot

James Ricklef – Tarot and Affirmations

Reid Hart – Meet the Tarot Spirits

Sarah Barry – Using Tarot for Social Change

Mark Horn – Kabbalistic Tarot Meditation for Sephirotic Healing

Shelley Carter – Tarot Art as a Community Connector

Liz Dean – Tarot Switchwords: Manifesting the Gifts of the Majr and Minor Arcana

Katrina Wynne – Tarot Illuminates Your Life Purpose

Lori Lytle – Tarot for Introverts

Jenna Matlin – Using the Hanged Man as Gateway to Spiritual Rites of Passage

~ Kim Wilborn – New Horizons in Tarot & in Life

I hope you’ll be my guest at this one-of-a-kind event and experience for yourself a deeper connection to the energies of the Tarot.

“See” you there!

Best wishes,
Sarah Barry (Psychic Sarah)


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