Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ March 2018: Tarot of the World in Colours

Dear Collective,

For this month’s Tarot Reading for the Collective I am using a Major Arcana deck devoted to the art of Keith HaringTarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski. I found it late last year on Etsy, while having one of those searches-with-tarot-as-the-keyword that can be rather time-consuming and perhaps should-be-avoided. However, I am most pleased with my discovery – it’s a fun deck and I don’t regret that particular Etsy rabbit hole. At time of writing there is just one copy left of this self-published Author’s edition of 100 decks, so hoppity to it if you think this deck has your name on it.

The questions for March are:

What’s lifting us up?

What’s letting us down?

What lies ahead?

What helps us stay true?


1. What’s lifting us up?

The Impress

The Impress - Tarot of the World in Colours by Eugene Vinitski

Impress, Empress, call me what you like, just let me shake up those bodies you’re inside! I will lift you up by demanding you pay attention to what your body is telling you: is your body saying move more or move less? Does it say take a bigger bite out of life or just a nibble? Does it say face your fears by leaping out of planes (with a parachute of course!) or by sitting on the cushion, meditating? Does it say pump up your body with stimulants, or does it say shh, be quiet, slow down, take a nap already, I’m tired, can we go to bed now?

I’m lifting you up by reminding you to notice what your body is saying from time to time. Being more connected to your own flesh will help you make more authentic choices, no matter the topic.

2. What’s letting us down?

The High Priestess

Version 2

Well I must say it’s not often that I, The High Priestess is representative of what is letting the Collective down, but, here we are: I am letting you down (ha! Like I care). It is my serious and mystical knowledge that is of no use to you right now. The Collective doesn’t need to be awash with cryptic insights and symbolic overload, you just need a good whack of fun to break up all the heaviness for a bit. Where will you find fun? Don’t look at me for the answer. The hat I’m wearing for you in this reading is most certainly not the party hat, so move on to The Magician – they might know what to do with you.

3. What lies ahead?

The Magician

Version 3

Freaky movements, silly ideas, splendid red capes, and sparklers masquerading as wands. That’s what lies ahead with me The Magician, and no doubt more. The High Priestess seems to think that time with me will be fun, and I suppose it will be, but in addition to jolly japes, what’s ahead is getting to know your own skills better so you can stop comparing yourself to others and just knuckle down to doing what you do best.

And even though I do have a reputation of being rather showy and over the top, remember that a large part of my magic is what remains unseen by the masses. So quietly embrace all those seemingly small things you do, as by golly there is more power in that than a diluted mainstream version of what talent can look like.

4. What helps us stay true?

The World

Version 4

What helps The Collective stay true? The understanding that it is better to complete a cycle than to let it unravel so far that you lose track of what you are supposed to be doing. I help you stay true by ending what must end so that you can start what must start. Time with me means you can have the conversations that seek connection rather than division, and put outdated fears to rest so that you can finally start seeing each other as you really are right now.

And there’s just one more card I want to share with you because I like the look of it:

The Lovers!

Version 5

Let love be something that is an expression of the small strange parts that you keep hidden because others might think you are weird. Let love be the way your mind jiggles when a cat flops at your feet, when a crow struts past you and caws, when a kookaburra just SITS there because omg it’s a kookaburra they are so cool. Let love be a conversation that becomes unexpectedly revealing because it is safe to be beautifully honest, and let love be more than the words you use: let it be in the way you listen, and in the ways you understand that just being there (whether physically or not) can mean so much.

© 2018 Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with Tarot of the World in Colours , an Original Tarot deck created by artist and illustrator by Eugene Vinikski. These images are published here with permission. More about Eugene at www.upstudio.ch and www.facebook.com/EugeneVinitski

To find out more about how I work go to  sarahthepsychic.com/about/ and sarahthepsychic.com/faq/

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Tarot of the World of Colours by Eugene Vinitski

Tarot of the World of Colours by Eugene Vinitski


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