Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ September 2016

Dear Readers,

This month I am in the mood for a deck that challenges the ways our eyes are used to looking at tarot imagery. I have chosen The Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dickson, and I love the beautiful, shiny, colourful, geometric shapes contained therein. On the inside of the box containing this tarot deck are the words, ‘Explore the chaotic patterns & rhythms of life’s endlessly changing cycles.’ Yes. Let us.

This month’s questions are:

  1. What calls to our solitary heart?
  2. What calls to our community’s heart?
  3. What calls to our global heart?
  4. What will keep us wise?

1. What calls to our solitary heart?

The Tower

The Tower - The Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dickson

Again? The Tower has been showing up so much this year! It was Card of the Month in February, and turned up for the Tarot Readings for the Collective in January, May, August, and now September!

Clearly you haven’t figured out what to do with me yet. You won’t just let me retreat to the back of the tarot deck. If I am calling to your solitary heart, consider what that might mean. And consider my shape, as I look somewhat different to my usual depiction of a tower struck by lightning.

Something is building in your heart, and is asking you to pay attention. Something that you’ve been mulling over for some time, something that requires a response from you, an action of some kind. Around and around the thoughts go, sometimes strongly, sometimes quietly, but there they roll nonetheless. And you usually find a way to push them away for whatever reason.

Well, I’m calling to say, stop rolling and start acting! All this rolling will eventually erode you, and when you are eroded you are weakened and more easily overwhelmed by external forces. Listen to my call, and start to move in the direction that your own wise heart knows you must. No one wants to witness a self-implosion.

2. What calls to our community’s heart?

The Wheel (also known as the Wheel of Fortune)

The Wheel - The Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dickson

Your communal heart is more aligned than you give it credit for. Yes, you often find yourselves at different stages of the wheel, but that is where your strengths lie.

In a healthy community, you will all be dealing with life in varying ways at the same time. Your life experiences will be full of diverse wisdom, and instead of clashing with each other for thinking and acting differently, you can absorb this vast spectrum of knowledge and learn from the lessons you are walking through, together.

By observing each other with kind eyes and ready ears, your hearts can soften and you can move together in a way that defies control from any outside source. I, The Wheel, am calling to your community’s heart so you can be at peace with the flow of things, and so you can be curious about what lessons you hold for each other.

3. What calls to our global heart?

Four Earth

Four Earth - The Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dickson

When writing down the cards that turned up for each question, I wrote this one down as ‘4 Earth’. Looking at it next to the question, it looked to me like wet-cement-graffiti of a couple of lovers’ names: ‘Heart 4 Earth’.

Of course. The Earth wants your heart. I am calling to the global heart of the Collective, by reminding you to stay present to cohesion. Find your way to the global heart via introspection and care. Dance with me in structured way, but be prepared for surprises. Watch for the openings, where you will be required to take centre stage and show your stuff. Trust that when it is time, it is better you turn up, rather than retreat, even if your anxieties and fears threaten your focus.

If I am to call to your global heart, I am asking you to lay down plans that are straightforward and accessible. I am asking you to connect with each other and find common ground rather than separating off into camps. Take separate space, certainly, for the purpose of healing, but then seek commonality once more. Is there something that joins your lives together? I am asking you to consider that each of you belong to each other’s story in some way, and you are going to have to get clearer about why you might react to others, whether positively or negatively. It is the responsibility of those in more privileged positions to work cohesively within themselves and pick up the slack.

Staying together is important. Boundaries are vital of course, and if you find it personally hard to let someone in, no need. But make sure that at the boundary where you end and they begin, there is no animosity.

4. What will keep us wise?

Page Air

Page Air - The Orbifold Tarot by Michael Bridge-Dickson

It’s so simple really. Your wholeness keeps you wise. When you try and separate off and compartmentalize your different ways of being, things get so confusing. You need to use your heart as much as you use your mind, and you certainly cannot ignore your spiritual needs. By spiritual I mean your need to sit quietly, and act from clear and peaceful realisations that heal rather than harm. Belief systems aren’t necessary for this, only ethics. Practice brave actions that cultivate ethical ways of connecting with the world around you, rather than relying on dogma that may no longer have true and peaceable value in today’s world.

Open the communication channels so that you take on only the lessons that you are truly meant to: no over-committing or under-committing. Find the balance by choosing to simplify. Get rid of the circus and invite in the bare bones. You can connect with the circus if you wish, but dig deeper to see where it first was born into this world, so that you can trust in the authenticity of what you seek to become.

© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2016

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Orbifold Tarot © 2015 Michael Bridge-Dickson. These images are used here with his permission. You can find out more about this beautiful and unique tarot deck at  www.orbifoldtarot.com

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  1. Michael says:

    Reblogged this on Mirrors of Consciousness and commented:
    Lovely reading from Sarah Barry using the Orbifold!

    Sarah has a wonderful way of looking at these cards, skillfully blending her experience of tarot’s archetypal structure with what she sees in each image, including the simplified but evocative images in the Orbifold.

    Continue enjoying Sarah’s work by visiting her blog for previous monthly readings and much more!

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