Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ January 2016

Welcome to the New Year, and to the first Tarot Reading for the Collective for 2016. This month I am using my newest deck, The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris. This Majors-and-Court-cards-only deck uses beautiful vintage photographs with overlays of tarot symbols, and the card stock is lovely to feel (much like the olfactory experience of last month’s cards, this sensation is again, sadly one that I cannot share with you).

Being the New Year and all, I thought I’d do something slightly different with the Collective tarot reading this month. And I’m in the mood for a change. Usually it’s a 6-card-go-with-the-flow kind of a deal. This month I thought I’d use an ACTUAL SPREAD and ask ACTUAL QUESTIONS!

Let this reading be as focussed as we can get it, so we can get clear about our intentions for this month, and for the rest of the year. The questions that I will be asking are:

  1. What are we holding on to, that we need to release?
  1. What are we ignoring, that we need to embrace?
  1. What do we need to remember when we are feeling blocked?
  1. What do we need to work with, to stay on track and move forward into the year?

Let us begin!

What are we holding on to, that we need to release?

You can let go of me if you like. I don’t mind.

Page of Swords - The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris


Page of Swords, please tell us more.

Well, I had a lot to say this past year. There was a lot going on, and there was a lot of misinformation. I needed to step in again and again, to open up the channels of communication in a way that was clear and bold.

However, I think the Collective needs a bit of a rest from trying to correct stuck situations for now. I think it may be time to leap in a new direction that is exciting, and different from what has unfolded before. 

I believe the Collective needs to stop focussing on the past or on trying to make others who think differently agree with them. Forget about it! Step back from the frontline! Surrender what is unimportant and move in a direction that gives room for spacious thought rather than heady, endless, debate!


What are we ignoring, that we need to embrace?

Good heavens, you had better want to embrace me!

Judgement - The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris


Judgement! Let us learn more about you.

Well, first of all, don’t mind what the naysayers think. I’m revelling in revelation too much to care what a conservative mind decrees. So best you don’t ignore me, I’ll help you dance off the stigma.

By embracing me you will have the chance to get clearer about where you want to place your boundaries, and what you want to learn. Do you want to discover enlightening things this year? Or do you want your only learning experience to be akin to diving dramatically into the nearest ditch and lying stuck in the mud, muttering about how so-and-so has done you so wrong?

Please say that you’ll take the enlightening option darling Collective! For myself I will dance no matter what you lot are doing, but it is so much more joyful to see you actually dance freely with me rather than swaying half-heartedly on the sidelines. Join me!


What do we need to remember when we are feeling blocked?

Haha! I’ll unblock you alright! I’ll blow your blockages apart!

The Tower - The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris


Ooee The Tower! Do continue with your explosive machinations (metaphorically, if you please)!

It’s pretty straightforward really. If you are feeling stuck, you will become unstuck eventually. That’s how the world turns. Unless you are one of those humans that likes to ignore how the whole world is starting to turn in a particular direction… and you sit and sit in the blocked pipe… but I will get to even those beings eventually. Myself or death, or both! Preferably me first so you have a chance to live fully before the lights-out part. 

Let me help you dismantle old belief systems – the ones that keep you thinking you are worthless and somehow not enough. Let me deconstruct the places in your mind that keep you at the mercy of the ‘experts’. Let me precisely reveal the patterns that draw you towards situations which are unsavoury and dangerous at worst, and downright boring at best.

Let me help you construct new ways thinking that will liberate you. Actually I won’t do that – it’s not really in my job description. But perhaps the next archetype will help with that? Here’s hoping.


What do we need to work with, to stay on track and move forward into the year? 

 Find a friend, hold them close, and keep moving.

The Lovers - The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris


Welcome, The Lovers. Do continue.

Spin around and let me help you find a way of leaning into marvellous ideas that are so beautiful and soft you can scarcely believe they could possibly become something more than a whisper. Let me pierce you in such a way that you experience sensations so close to both pain and pleasure, that you decide it’s actually a fantastic thing to walk in your own courageous direction.

I’ll keep you on track by showing you the most vulnerable place in your heart. I’ll keep you moving forward by challenging you to proudly dance that vulnerability, knowing that what you have found is so pure, no one can actually harm you. Yes, they may try, as people do when they are heavy in the mind and heart, but true harm they shall not do. For this is your space to claim, and your dance to dance. Let your hearts lead the race, dear Collective (even when you’re tired).

The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris


© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2016

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Relative Tarot by Carrie Paris. These images are used here with her permission. More information about Carrie and this fabulous deck at Carrieparis.com

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  1. Kris Azzarello says:

    Brilliant! Love the cards and the spread and the message!

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