Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May 2015

Dear ones, this month we visit the depths of our psyches with a very special tarot deck – The Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitchie. I have a soft spot for round decks, and this deck is not only round but LARGE. I set myself quite the challenge by shuffling this deck, but now that I have done it and dealt the cards, let us see how we can best navigate this month ahead.

First the 2 of Wands arrives to help us quietly sit with the burning embers within. How are we choosing our daily activities? Are we rushing from obligation to obligation or are we taking a moment to reflect before taking the action that seems best in that moment? 2 of Wands, do you have anything you would like to share with us all?

2 of Wands - The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Get ready for a journey that allows you to stay open to new possibilities whilst still remaining grounded and connected to all that is happening right now. Allow me to light a fire in your belly and know that soon you will be required to take action that is visionary yet subversive. Be ready for what lies ahead.

Yes, be ready for me!

Death  -The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Oh, it’s you. Hello Death. You are looking quite jovial in this particular deck. I find that I’m resisting the urge to give you a high 5.

Don’t resist! Embrace what I bring! Dissolution doesn’t have to be a drag, shed that skin and start dancing! Let go of the things that stand between you and your most important purpose, and start to connect with the mysteriousness of life with a lot more cheer!

Who are we to expect life to be all nice and sweet? It certainly doesn’t have to be dramatic either but we need to be ready to dive into the challenges. Treat the challenges of life as you would a dance battle: turn up well-dressed, totally own your way of being, and bring your best moves to the floor in a way that inspires fear, awe and exhilarating excitement!

And then come and take a rest with me because by golly you’ll need it after those first two cards!

Strength - The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Ah, Strength, hello. How would you like us, the Collective, to be this month?

I want you to be clear in your resolve, and noble in the tasks that you set for yourself. I want you to take a moment to notice the people around you – there are more than you realise – who are quietly cheering for your upward rise towards enlightenment. I want you to embrace the non-conformist within and just get on with those other-than-normal ideas that you have. The world needs more weirdness and I would love for more of you to just be yourselves and carry on.

And then celebrate how far you’ve come because life is getting so noisy and sometimes we just need to connect with the small achievements.

4 Wands - The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Welcome, 4 of Wands, thank you for the reminder to stay centred. Is there more you would like to share?

I want to share that finding any kind of stability right now is useful. It doesn’t have to be the sort of stability championed by the corporate powers-that-be. I mean stability of your dreams – are they really your dreams, or someone else’s? Stability of your heart – are you happy with the people you spend your days with? Stability of your mind – are you in situations that are joyful for you to navigate? I will remind you of your capacity to make small, significant steps that lead you away from listlessness, towards a brighter flame.

And then I will help you slow down again to make sure your steps are truly the steps you want to take.

8 Swords - The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Thank you for coming 8 of Swords. Please continue.

I want you all to listen to your intuition and take it slow so that you don’t stuff up. Take it slow so you don’t forget what you learned last time. Take it slow so that you can bring your wisdom to the fore and find your friends in all the most interesting and magical places. Take it slow so that when you move fast you have control over all your movements. Or at least appear to have control over all your movements. Some of the best dance moves happen when someone is recovering from a near fall.

Now go to Judgment, so they can close this reading for us all.

Judgment - The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

Yes, dear friends, bring yourselves to me, to my journey to the world! Come to me whether you feel ready or not. I won’t bite, but I will prod. I want to make sure you are all awake and ready to face the changes that need to happen in the world right now. Common sense will prevail, as will your ever-growing capacity to love and be kind to your fellow beings. Above all listen to the beating of your own heart and let that be the guide for the month ahead. The heart will always know things that the mind does not, so listen out for me and the wakeup call I bring!

And here is the back of this tarot deck, just because it’s awesome:

Back of the The Gorgon's Tarot by Dolores Fitchie


© Sarah Barry ~ Tarot Readings with Psychic Sarah 2015

This Tarot Reading for the Collective was done with The Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitchie, © Dolores Fitchie 2014, Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 4880 Lower Valley Road Atglen, PA 19310 www.schifferbooks.com

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One Response to “Tarot Reading for the Collective ~ May 2015”
  1. Take it slow … yes, I shall, 8 of Swords. Leonard Cohen also recommends it; the first song on his new album ‘Popular Problems’ is called Slow. A beautiful sentiment for life.

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